It’s Christmas and we are heading home, well my home, well my home, home. In the states, somewhere in the mid-west, where we can get snow, then sixty degree weather in one week. I’m a little nervous about Colin meeting my family, not because I don’t think they’ll like him, he’s wonderful. I’m just nervous about the embarrassing stories they will tell, more my brother and father, than anyone. 

Everything starts out fine as we walk through my old front door, Colin is all smiles, and there are hugs and handshakes. My mother is giving me a look that says, ‘he cute, so your type’. My aunts start gushing over Colin with his Irish accent, and blue eyes. My brother starts seizing Colin up, being the protective brother. 

After a bit of meet and greet, we all sat down for an early dinner. The first thing to pop up was Colin being a vegetarian, my dad the chef, making some rude comment about it. I stand up for Colin, telling my dad to shut it. Over all dinner goes well, everyone seem to like Colin and no embarrassing stories from anyone. We all start to pile around the Christmas tree, my younger cousin passing out gifts. 

Colin hands me a rectangle box wrapped in red and gold, “From me,” he says with a wide smile. I carefully unwrap the gift, to come upon a black velvet jewelry box, inside is a beautiful set of pearls. “Do you like them?”

“Oh, they’re beautiful, I love them,” I pick the strand of pearls out of the box and turn to Colin, “Help me put them on.” As I turn around for Colin to put on the necklaces I can hear my family ‘awwwing’. Soon after Colin was done everyone of my aunts and my mom wanted to see them. I gave Colin a quick thank you kiss before showing off my pearls. 

Once all the gifts were open we started playing some family games, it was at this point when my brother started with the embarrassing stories. I was at the point of hiding my face in Colin’s shoulder while begging my brother and dad to stop, when Colin whispers in my hear “I think its cute.” 

“No it’s not, it’s embarrassing.” I mumble in his shoulder. 

“It’s adorable, you’re adorable.” He says with a chuckle as he plays with my hair. 

“You’re laughing.” I said with a pout. 

“Okay I’ll stop laughing.” Colin said at the end of another chuckle.

“Meanie.” I say as I cuddle closer to him. 

After the embarrassing stories and the family games, it was time for everyone to leave, Colin and I staying a few nights in my old room. After all my aunts, uncles and cousins leave, my parents, my brother, his fiancé, Colin and I watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ a family traditions of ours. In the end, it ends up being a nice Christmas. 

X Your set must include at least one picture of your boyfriend.
X Write a short story (at least a couple lines.)about your holidays and how the family meeting went.
X Your set must be holidays related 
Extra credit:
X 10 points for making the set 2 colored scheme -use mostly two colors in the set . (Black and White). 

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