▲Amelia Ríos
age; 21
hometown; San Juan, Puerto Rico
likes; writing, listening to others, going out, talking in Spanish
dislikes; being away from home, lying, hangovers, being stereotyped 
major; psychology
bio; Being bullied in high school made Amelia‘s life pretty much hell. She faced a severe depression in her late teens. With some difficulty, Amelia found herself. Even though she’s past those troubling years, Amelia still feels insecure about everything. Amelia pushes back those dark thought because deep down inside she fears being depressed again. Sometimes she even fakes being happy around others. She got herself together with her grades and extracurricular activities got a scholarship to Berkeley. She left Puerto Rico and moved to California with her cousin Zoe and she’s never been better. Amelia mostly likes to listen to others’ problems and is a great friend. She’s outgoing and can make friends very easily. Now in college her life seems happier. Amelia’s very spontaneous. She takes things very seriously and sometimes very personal so you better be careful what you say around her. Will she continue to be happy here or will her worst fears lead her to another depression?
model; lais ribeiro
taken by; Tania L.

-Few years ago-

“Do you think I want to feel this way?!” I screamed at my mother. She looked heartbroken. 

“No, but you need help…Talking might help” She sat down beside me wiping some of my tears with her fingers.
“Leave me alone!” I said loudly walking out of the room. She had found me crying in my room and when she asked why I didn’t know exactly what to tell her. 

I grabbed my journal and wrote everything I felt. This always made me feel better. Sure I had to hide it so no one could read it but it was my own personal therapy. 

Sometimes I wished I could leave this island. Start over and a fresh start sounded like heaven to me. But I knew someday I was going to be happy far away from here. 

-Present time-

I had barely gotten any sleep last night. The paper I had been working on had taken a lot more time than I had expected. When I finally got to my dorm I threw my bag on the floor. I was so tired but I couldn’t sleep. As I lay in my bed I decided to call my parents in Puerto Rico.
“Hola, mami” I had called my mother since I missed her terribly. 

“Hola, corazón. ¿Cómo estas?” She asked me. Her voice was making my ears tearful. Being so far away from home sometimes got to me.

“Pues aquí con mucho trabajo. ¿Cómo están todos por allá?” 

“Aquí de lo más bien gracias a Dios, tu sabes aquí en la lucha.” I smiled. 
We talked briefly but it was frequent besides Zoe was here with me. I think besides my family and my island I missed most the food. I couldn’t wait until December for some arroz con gandules my grandmother makes. 

Even though I had just talked to my mother I felt incredibly sad. I took deep breaths and decided to take a walk and clear my mind.
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