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Linkin Park- The Little Things Give You Away
† monday
mandatory attendance at school. it's the first day of classes. good luck and i hope you know your way around campus. 
The vibrating noise of his phone alarm going off on his nightstand woke Marcus. One coffee colored eye opened then shut against the blinds that were slightly open. The sun hurt his eyes and he grumbled, reaching out to get his phone and slide on his shades. Sitting up now he pressed the button before his phone would go off again, his free hand ran through his hair and he glanced about the room. He was alone.. That was a good thing as far as he was concerned.

He got up to shower then dressed, putting his sunglasses right back on as he slicked back his dark hair with his other hand, a couple locks tumbling back down. He glanced over in the mirror and rolled his eyes, whatever. The entire morning was taken in silence, he didn't even sing in the shower. His bookbag picked up and he headed out to the main room then to the door.

Stepping out into the hallway he was almost knocked over by a blonde guy who was in no way paying attention to where he was going. Marcus tensed, dark eyes following the guy as he threaded through the crowd of people going to morning classes. Marcus never forgot a face. He took a deep breath and kept going, not a first year student he had a good idea where his first class was. Same teacher only it was in a different room, not that it mattered. A lot of the classrooms looked exactly the same. He moved down the stairs to a section in the middle, a seat taken in the middle of the room as well. Attendance was mandatory for the first day classes, getting their syllabus and learning what the teachers wanted of their students. It was all a blur really. The students were mindless sheep he seen writing down everything as if it were sacramental. The professors were just talking to hear themselves this first day. He doubted anything would be on the final exam so Marcus spent his period simply watching the other students, trying to think of ways to use them. 

He steepled his fingers, watching one girl take notes viciously, as if each word was precious, meant to be stored away and pondered later. A small smile tugged at his lips, it was amusing. This would be the girl that would over-think everything and likely break down sobbing by midterms. The thought had his smile lingering, when she glanced up he even gave her a wink. Quietly chuckling to himself as she blushed and looked back down to her notes. Predictable.

He folded his arms behind his head and leaned back in his seat, another hour to go and he could repeat this same venture at least a time or two in the next couple classes. Find the weak link and exploit it. And as if almost on clockwork as Marcus was leaving class the girl headed his way with cheeks flushed.

"Excuse me... I noticed you looking my way and I um.. Well.." She stammered, biting her lip. "I noticed you weren't taking any notes. I wrote down what the professor said near verbatum.. I can let you copy my notes if you want."

A smile lit up his handsome face even if it didn't reach his deep brown eyes, "Really? That would be awesome.. You're so helpful."

She giggled and ducked her head, tucking a couple brown strands behind her ear, "No problem.. I'll talk to you later.."

"Of course." He answered, nodding to her. His eyes drifting as she walked away, not too bad with her exit as her backside was decent. Marcus knew he wouldn't have to take a single note all year. It was just that easy. He picked up his bag and headed out of the classroom.
PM me! I'm looking for people to collab with! Introduce yourselves to Marcus.
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