This is for round one of The Battle of the Mysterious Poly Kids, and also my tryout/ intro for TPI!
BOTMPH: the only rule as of now is that the set must contain a picture of something or someone you think is pretty.
- JOHN LENNON. and that bedroom. and that shirt at the top. 

Name: Rachelle Widdalin
Age: 16
Creature: Sprite
Talent: Piano
Bio:As a child, Rachelle knew she was quite different from others. While her classmates giggled endlessly about the boys around town, Rachelle found her piano offered endless entertainment.
 At the age of six, she was pronounced a Musical Prodigy. Her parents, whom had been poor, but attention seeking people, spent all of their savings on dresses and hair curlers to adorn their genius with, so that she would look acceptable in her countless recitals. 
 Soon, Rachelle's name was quite well-known. Her parent's became overly obsessed with the money they received by allowing their daughter to play her piano.
 Rachelle simply wanted to please her family, so she has done he very best, in all that she does. 
She is a bit of a wall flower, yet, at the same time, out to please everyone. She is friends with many people, and some find it hard to dislike her, with the sweet smile she always wears.
 Rachelle prefers to think of herself as a human. Though her sprite blood does come out at times. When it does, her skin becomes green and scaly, and her long blonde locks become floor length. She is a water nymph, who can breath water or oxygen. 
Model: Skye Stracke
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