Caleb: Let's go eat. What're you in the mood for?

Hanna: Icecream.

Caleb: Alright, what do you want of nutritional value to go with the icecream?

Hanna:...... Chicken. 

Caleb: Alright, come on.

*At the restaurant*

Hanna: Look who's over there.

Caleb: ... Is that Kate, as in you evil step-sister Kate?

Hanna: Yeah, let's leave before she sees us!

Caleb: No you need to eat, we're not going to leave until you eat. 

Hanna; I've been out of the hospital for two weeks now I'm fine.

Caleb: I don't care, you need to eat. I don't want anything like that ever happening again, Wilden introgated you in the ambulance!

*Kate sees then and walks over*

Kate: Hmm, Hanna Hanna Hanna, I always knew you'd get yourself into this kind f trouble. You know Tom is always talking about how dissapointed he is in you.

Hanna; Well, this is non of your business OR Tom's business. 

Kate: Oh but I think it is. Now if you don't want something happening, I'd look out for yourself.

Caleb: Come on Hanna lets go. I'm sure Aria would enjoy some company, the hospitals food is at least somewhat edible.

Hanna: Not unless you what me to be sick. hospital food is horrid.

*In Aria's hospital room.*

Aria: Was that a threat?

Hanna: Yep. I think she's part of all of this, that effin b*tch. But, when are you getting out of here?

Aria: Tomorrow thinkfully. I still can't believe that I was drugged.... Have they found Spencer yet?

Hanna;... No, and I'm starting to get worried.

Caleb: She'll be alright, try not to think about it.

*Third person Recap*

Hanna was in the hospital for three days to get some IV's.
Aria stayed because her panick attack put too much stress on the babies and she was drugged, but they are alright. 

'Last time, Jason said he couldn't get a hold of Sencer, she's been missing for three weeks now.

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