Name - Roxanne Reever
Age - 17 Years old
Hybrid Ability/Abilities - Leather bat wings, hooks above wrists for wall climbing, radar hearing.
Model - AJ Lee
Bio - Roxanne is a psycho, and she knows it. She's cunning and sly and loves to play with a person head. Mind games are her specialty, she's loud and always has to have the last word in a conversation. Her brother was donated to Calox several years before she was, and she suspects that he's still there somewhere, she just has to find him.
Playlist - N/A
Additional Info - Has mild Schizophrenia and is terribly claustrophobic.

Name - Benjamin Loaner
Age - Nineteen
Hybrid Ability/Abilities - His fingers are spiked, much like a scorpions tale and contains the poison of a deathstalker, the scorpion responsible for 75% of scorpion sting deaths. His middle section is in five armoured sections, much like an exoskeleton and it goes all around his torso.
Model - Landon Liboiron
Bio - Benjamin is confident with those he knows, but when with a new person he is shy and tends to hide away from new people. He's painstakingly loyal and a great friend to all.
Playlist - N/A
Additional Info - He hates the smell of violets.
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