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♡ the diamond club. ♡
The ones so beautiful it hurts. You know who I'm talking about. The girls with lips pinker than any rose, skin so perfect, you could almost see the word flawless written on their porcelain foreheads. Closets filled with the most couture outfits and unworn gowns right off the runway... don't even start to tell me how you didn't want to hang out with them. They're perfect. Even a blind person can see their beauty. Any witness would immediately recall them as diamonds in human form, each looking like a snow queen clad in the finest of Dior's white lace. They have the looks of doll-like angels. Not a single sign of normal looks written across their faces. All exotic in their own ways, a perfect storm, if you will. It's what has guys clinging to their Chanel wedges. Another benefit would of course be power. You rule the school now, honey. You don't even have to be there. You have everyone including teachers wrapped around your pink finger. Not only that, but you can roam the school freely and do whatever the hell you want...without getting in trouble. Face it, once you join, your officially hotter than the last pair of Daffodile Louboutins at a preseason sale; which is pretty hot if you ask anyone. There's no reason to why you shouldn't join. Being flawless is a gift itself. But all nice things come with a price....
So what is the price of being part of The Diamond Club? It's just your soul.
Welcome to The Diamond Club. The super exclusive group at Rosewood High. Your stay with us will be quite fun; being that you're with us for eternity. We suck souls. We're nicknamed 'Satan's Soul Suckers', quite frankly. We only accept the dreaded and the beautiful. In fact, no one even knows who we are. They barely know our names. You'll be lucky to even catch a glimpse at our fabulous, colorless outfits. We are mysterious. We barely know about each other, in fact. We're not who we pretend to be. We take the forms of teenage beauties who everyone wants to be. We may be gorgeous but our heart and soul says otherwise, in fact, like I've said before, we don't have a heart OR soul. Just saying, your soul means nothing but an admission to a trip that could be living hell or the greatest time of your innocent little lives. The truth hurts, but it's better when you're pretty, right?
Name: Ash Brooks

Age: 17

Model: Colton Haynes

Bio: Grades on the top of the class, he is the star swimmer and the captain of the swimming team... So we can say, Ash and his life is perfect. He is rich, handsome and clever... His father is a doctor, his mother is working as a lawyer, he has two older brothers who are on famous universities... 
But everything has a price. 
Trainigs every morning, every afternoon, till late night - even in weekends -, in between, studying for the tests... 
His family consits perfectionists, especially his father, so obviously, Ash became a perfectionist too. He doesn't have time for girls, but if it comes about a girlfriend, he sticks to the family motto: "Perfection is the less what we can accept." And who are seem to be perfect? The Diamonds.


It was early in the morning and Ash was doing his usual "before school" running in the forest. It was more fun, running between the woods... He had to jump and climb, not just took the a step after an another step on the flat street. He looked at his watch. Great, till then, he was in time... But he needed to hurry because he had to finish his training and he wanted to swim a little too in his family's swimming pool in the backyard. As he took a turn between the woods, something catched his sight... Something... white? Here in the woods? He stopped, shook his head and blikned. Maybe it was just his imagination, or the weak morning light tricked his vision... Anyway, he didn't have time for this... If something white is here in hte woods, it has it's reason and there is an explanation for it, he thought, shrugged and continued running. As he reached the end of the woods, a gentle wind started to blow. And it carried a strange noise toward Ash... Beautiful, tinkling laughter... Girls' laughter... But THIS was clearly his imagination. There could be nobody inh te woods except him, espcially at this early hour...

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