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collab with miss @chrissykinz


"Seriously what i so special about the blonde girl?" Caleb asked i continued to look over at Jasmine. I shrugged "It doesn't matter as long as you know she isn't up for grabs." he snorted at me rolling his eyes "I am not interested but it seems i might be one of the few" he smirked at me. 

I frowned , he was right apparently alot my guys have noticed my veela judging by the lusty looks they were sending her. I cracked my knuckles ready to punch everything single one of them if i had to , why didnt people understand she was mine and i wasnt going to share.

"I'll be right back" I said standing up as i eyed the ravenclaw table again. I couldnt help but smile at Jasmine , something had changed in her over the summer and unfortunely i wasnt the only one who had noticed.

"Seriously Hayley it would be wierd if Dan wasnt starring at her , What should be worrying you is the fact other guys are" I heard Yummi say as i got closer. Ever observation that girl was , it was ashame she was dating the mudblood she could have been useful.

"Don't you go glarring at me" Yumii said smiling at Jasmine "You wouldn't have this problem if you just" and that was my que.

"If she just gave into what she wants for once" I said as i sat down inbetween Jasmine and Yumii. "Wow your fast" the new blonde girl of the group said . I looked at her amused before turning to Jasmine raising my eyebrow this type of girl wasnt her normal type of friend.

"New friend" I whispered into Jasmine's ear , she shivered causing me to smirk. Well this is fun.

Come on Hayley , you dont want to be here for a Jas and Dan interaction" Yumii said loudly. I turned to her with a big smile , i did like it when people knew that they should go. "I missed you to Takowasha" I smirked , she turned to me scoffing.

"Goodluck" she said to Jasmine before walking away , I grinned looking back at the beautiful blonde beside me.

"What do you want and do not say me" She snapped turning towards me. I rolled my eyes moving closer to her "Okay i wont say me , I want you preferrable with out this ugly uniform on but i am not to fussed" i said grinning as i saw a blush come across her face.

"Don't you ever change?" she asked annoyed. I shrugged at that dumb question "Why would i want to?" I asked - i was awesome , why would i change that.

I looked over at her wondering why she didnt just give into me , most girls would have melted as soon as i said hi but not her - for almost seven years i have been trying to get her and nothing.

"So why dont you?" I asked , she starred at me her blue eyes lighting up in confusion "Why dont i what?" 

"Your cute when your confused" I said pinching her cheeks she really was.She slapped my hand away "Why dont i what Dan?" she asked , i could hear her annoyance in her voice.

"Give into what you want and by that i mean me" I said frowning "Cause i being thinking about and i cant think of a good reason at all" i said seriously.
"We have chemistry and dont say we don't even you know we do" i said eyeing her off , what i would do to her if i had the chance. "I am incredible sexy and i know you've been looking"I said smirking a little she rolled her eyes at me. "And we both know i would treat you better then potter so i dont get it" I said honestly.

"Maybe its because you act like a giant a.sshole to anyone you deem unworthy of your time."She said in a sing song voice. I shrugged "Maybe" I said . "And now i have to go. This has been ... fun"she said sarcasticly as she stood up.
I stood up as well "Wait"i said grabbing her arm "There is just one more thing" I said. She raised an eyebrow "What?" she asked. I smirked i was hoping she would say that. I kissed her lips quickly.
I smirked looking at the dazed look on her face "That" I said before walking away.
"What the hell"I heard Jasmine say behind me , i looked at her amused , she was probably going to slap me now "I thought we were done?" i said smirking at her. She scoffed rolling her eyes before grabbing my wrist. This was new.
"You can't just kiss me like that!"She snapped stomping her feet like a child. "Like what? Would you prefer more tongue or maybe in different places?" I smirked.
"Dan i am being serious" She whined . I rolled my eyes at her.
"One week" I said "Stop changing the subject"she said annoyed.
"I kissed you because i didn't like how the other guys were looking at you and go out with me for one week and if you dont like it we can both just move on" i said simpley
"What?" I rolled my eyes at her , she knew what i said."Honestly we both know your smarter then that" 
She glarred at me "Fine" I waited for the descriptive way of her telling to off "Come on princess i am not that.. wait did you just say fine" i said looking over at her amused .
She nodded "Yes i did. I am postive that it wont work so if i can finally prove it to you i will" she said. I Smirked at her "You have to give it a proper chance" I said looking at her. "Fine , We will discuss the rules tomorrow"she said.
"Goodnight Dan"she said kissing my cheek. Well that was interesting.
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