Charlotte Mimieux (Meem-you)
{19, Model and beauty section photographer}
Likes: Bobbi Brown & Chanel Makeup, Flowers, Love, Stilettos
Dislikes: Math, Loud Sounds, Global Warming, Fattening Foods
Charlotte is a true Australian native. She knows how to care for a kangaroo, greet friends with "g'day," and meet gorgeous guys. Charlotte was born and raised in Barossa Valley, the wine region. When she turned twelve, she moved to New York City for bigger and better things. She loves modeling and makeup so she was chosen to intern for J’adore Magazine. To her surprise, she was offered a permanent seat in the photography studio as a beauty photographer. Her mom is no Svetlana Barry, but she is a famous contributor of the startup of the magazine. Charlotte loves to mingle and party, and she longs for a best friend to tell her secrets to. Secrets? Oh, there’s plenty.
Model: Amber Heard

//Tell me about your self. Your family life, social life and goals.

Living in Barossa Valley, I never really had much of an opportunity for anything. My only choices were: crocodile wrangler, Tasmanian devil wrangler, or a wombat wrangler. Like, really? What girl who takes an hour putting on makeup, plus another thirty minutes for the hair (you got to make it shine for hot Australian guys to like you, duh) wants to chase over filthy little rascals? Ugh, I’d rather hang out with my embarrassing, workaholic mother, Lillian. But don’t get me wrong, I love the reefs and the scenery of Australia, but I pretty much got to see everything by age twelve. Obviously, that’s why I moved to NYC, the place where things happen. By things, I mean offers for huge positions at J’adore Magazine! I would love to be head of the beauty section, because, well, who else knows the difference between a crease brush and a smudge brush? That’s right, no one besides me. I’m the one for the job. ;)

//What are your hobbies, interests and why do you want to make it big at J'adore Magazine?
My hobbies are taking pictures of my garden on my balcony or me trying on different looks of makeup! My camera is so filled up, that I had to go get a new hard drive for my computer to store all the pictures! And can you call heartbreaking and dating around a hobby? Because it sure seems like one to me. I couldn’t even count the number of guys I’ve gotten—in Australia, that isn’t even weird. I want to make it big at J’adore, because I want people to know my name right off the bat. No thinking required, just “Oh yeah, of course, Charlotte Mimieux! What about her?”

//What is your opinion on Svetlana Barry?
Svetlana. Barry. Two separate words, a one and only bi-atch. I bet her motto is, “To get on top, you gotta’ send some nobodies to the bottom.” And I believe /I’m/ on the bottom already. So, what do I have to lose?

//Are you committed on making it to the top and not letting anything tear you down, and why?
I think, wait, I /know/ I can make it on top. With my mom’s blood, I can’t resist a little competition. If that means I have to b.itchslap some girls, then that’s what I have to do. I bet in less than a year, Svetlana will be sucking up to me.

(Answer this out of character)
//What do you think about this roleplay and do you think you can make 1 or more sets a week? 
I absolutely love the concept and I’m definitely willing to make more than one set for TDJ a week (if I have the time). With two roleplays, I don't think I'll make quite as many sets as I liked to for each one. But, I’ll definitely try. On the other hand, I do have a lot of time for moderating. I’m great at making contests and getting people to enter AND I’ll always make new characters and exciting events.

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