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Aimee, TDJ
Saturday, 2nd: April only means one thing: new employee photos. All the girls are excited--from interns to interviewers to models, everyone gets their picture taken. Where you ask? It'll be at the adorable "Is My Nose Wet?" puppy store in New York City at three pm sharp. If you're not there, you better not expect your picture to appear in the credit section of the Teen J'adore website! And who knows, a few girls might snatch up a puppy or two!

"I can't believe I'm spending my Saturday at a pet store with interns," I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say?" Jo walked past me and began playing a tiny Labrador. She started cooing at him like he was a baby. Speaking of babies. . . 

I joined her. "Nothing." I lied. I switched the conversation as I held a puppy in my hands. It was so scared and frail I thought it would break. "So, how are the dresses coming?"

"What dresses?"

"The wedding dresses." I replied.

Her eyes widened. "Ooh, Aimee, you're going to love them! They're coming out beautifully.."

"You're doing how many dresses? Not Svetlana's right? She's obviously not getting married. So just your sister and Portia's?" I asked, stroking the puppy's fur gently. 

She nodded. "Thank goodness I don't have to do Svetlana's. It would be a nightmare."

"You'd still do a great job on it, though." I said as we both got up.

She shrugged. "I know," she said not-so-humbly. We laughed and then spent the rest of time, playing with puppies, helping the interns (it should be vice versa). Their pictures actually came out great. Especially Dulce's. 

I walked over to Bambi Olsen. She was new. "Hey, Amber?"

"Call me Bambi."

"Right." I said. "So, how do you like it at J'adore?"

"I love it," she said happily. She was playing with a dog too. "I'm thinking about buying this one. Apparently it's name is Ribbon."

I smiled. "Aw, how cute. My puppy's name is Cheesecake."

Bambi's face turned a light shade of green. "Did you just say cheese and cake in the same sentence?"

"Yeah! I absolutely love it," I gushed, "So I decided to name my puppy Cheesecake."

She didn't speak.

"You okay?" I asked, slightly worried, slightly freaked out. 

She stood up and Ribbon, the puppy race around her feet. "Yes, i think so. I'm fine. I don't eat sugar. I can't even think about it."

I made a face. "Oh-kay?" I didn't think I could be friends with someone who refused to eat sugar. It didn't sound humanly possible. Then I remembered that Bambi ran the Fitness section of J'adore. I tried to smile and I discreetly walked away. 

It seemed like everyone was getting a pet to take home. Before I could do much else, my phone rang again. Vanesse Restouie was calling, the mother of the triplets that I babysat; Stella, Bella and Luella. 

She told me that I needed to come to her place right away. She had an important business meeting to go to and the triplets needed supervision. Great, I thought, I'm babysitting tonight, when I'd rather be with Cameron. Oh well, at least I get paid $300 an hour for babysitting.

xx Aimee

type "money, honey" if you read it all. xD
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