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Tuesday, 19th: Dating day! All the girls at J'adore will be meeting up with their boyfriends at Casa La Femme, located at 140 Charles Street, NYC. Dubbed "the most romantic restaurant in the U.S.," La Femme will be pleasing to the girls' appetites as well as the perfect place to squeeze in a few makeup sessions. Be there!

Cameron and I were getting ready for the night, when I stopped and asked him, "Did I tell you about Svetlana?"

He furrowed his eyebrows. "The evil witch, right?"

I tried to laugh. "Yeah, her. Did I tell you she's interested in girls?"

", and why should I know this?" Cameron asked, looking utterly confused, yet adorable as always.

"She's interested in me." I coughed. I waited for his reaction.

All he did was laugh. Not expected. "Are you serious, Aimee?" I loved that he started calling me Aimee now.

I nodded, reluctantly. "She always calls me into her office, more than usual, tries to talk to me, checks me out, compliments my figure. . ."

"I would the do the same." Cameron smiled, smirking.

I hit him with my silver clutch. "Yes, I know, because I'm used to that! What I'm /not/ used to is getting attention from girls. I didn't know I even attracted girls."

"I don't see why not," Cameron laughed, pulling me into a close hug.

I backed away, laughing, "But Svetlana's not a girl. She's a 50 year old woman, who also happens to be my boss and I have to work with her every day." I sighed. 

Cameron thought for a moment. "I wouldn't get too worried. Enjoy the attention, it might earn you a higher position."

"I already have one of the highest positions," I said, feeling frustrated.. I sat down to put on my gray Trouve Karli sandals. "Oh well, I can't really do anything now, let's get going before we're late."

"I've been ready," Cameron complained, "You're the one who's taking forever." I was sad that his Australian accent was fading away.

I hit him my clutch again. "Stop complaining, let's go!" I said fake-seriously, as we left my suite and left for the dinner. 

The dinner was awkward for the most part, and somewhat enjoyable (with Cameron here, it was fun) but I could sense the tension between Odelia and Charlotte. I didn't like Odelia, obviously, but I never really tried to bother her. Unlike Charlotte. Oh well. I couldn't stand how many times Charlotte and Henri left the table together, only to come back, fully immersed in a kiss, while everyone else was eating.

Cameron and I weren't really fans of PDA.

But that didn't stop us from playing footsie. The waitress came to our table, I noticed her beautiful sandals and her pretty face. I didn't feel inferior, just because Cameron was here. There were hot girls all over this restaurant, and Cameron already knew the hottest one was named Amethyste. I had nothing to worry about. 

"May I take your order?" she asked kindly.

"Yes," I pointed to some words on a menu. "This, I can't speak French," I said, feeling slightly embarrassed. 

Surprising me, Cameron interjected and ordered us a long, French order, in the language French. 
"I didn't know you knew French." I said, pouting.

"I didn't know you didn't know French." Cameron smiled, holding my hand. 

I rolled my eyes and that's when I saw Jo. She looked so happy with Rob, sitting right across from her. She was the most radiating person here, smiling from ear to ear. I was mad that Jessika would try to invade in Jo's happiness and ruin it for her. Good thing she hadn't, yet.

I sensed a fight was going to start when Kendall walked in (without Tyler, but by herself---gasp!). Why did she even come if she was ashamed of Tyler? She came by herself. Talk about pathetic, hello, this is a dating dinner!

"I hate drama," I muttered to Cameron. I didn't want Kendall to ruin my night. "Let's go home."

"We haven't even eaten yet." Cameron reminded me.

"Forget it, let's go." I took his hand and we left, after saying goodbye to Charlotte, Jo, Nadiya {?} and Odelia. 

It was so much funner when it was just Cam and I.

xx Aimee

type "can't speak french" if you read this all. ;)
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