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Thursday 24th-Friday 25th: The day you've all been waiting for! Or maybe not...Svetlana Barry is going to have a brief meeting with each girl at J'adore. You'll get to be one-on-one with her. Is she really all that bad? Does she have a good side? Or is she even worse than you imagined? You might get threatened of being fired, but no sweat, she's just threatening. You're likely not to. Unless.... Oh, and Svetlana is going to announce and invite you personally to her engagement party. Yes, Svetlana is a cougar and her young boy toy Tyler Francisco is only 25 years old. Svetlana is 51. Let's see how this turns out. Try not to laugh during the one-on-one meeting or might just get fired...

"Emily!", I heard a snaring voice. Svetlana, of course. I nearly laughed because it remembered me so much of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". But I had to get myself under control and go inside. 
I entered Svetlana's big bureau. It was beautiful and extremely luxurious. 

"Emily Sapphire", she snorted, "Leighton. The little make-up expert... sit down."

I took a seat and waited.

"Well, I didn't hear anything from you, you know? Nothing bad and nothing good. I think you don't have any personality at all. Just take a look at yourself", Svetlana grinned. "Nothing special, ugh?"

My smile froze. This wasn't good.

"Emily, Emily... or do you prefer Sapphire?"

I shook my head.

"Well, that's no surprise. Such a name needs a perfect person to wear it and you're definitely /not/ perfect. Not a bit. Let me take a look at your make-up", she said and put her hand under my chin.

"What's that?", Svetlana gasped. "This line is totally... urgh! You're in the make-up resort! Your skills have to be flawless, your whole look has to be. Let me explain it to you: Somebody like you, nearly fat, not sporty and not really beautiful, could never be responsible for the sports resort. You know, your body just doesn't look like that. So nobody would want tips from you. It's the same with make-up. Every single line as to be perfectly straight. Your lipstick should have the best tone. Do you understand me?"

I nodded, extremely angry.

"Fine. I guess", she said slowly, "you're not the right one to be in the make-up team. You should do... well, I dunno. Maybe nothing?"

"You want to fire me?", I nearly shouted.

"Oh well, I should. But I give you one last chance. Use it! Or you'll be fired before you can say lipgloss", Svetlana grinned. 

"Plus, I heard you having... affairs?"

"Me? No!", I answered before I thought of Dan and Jerry (no, not Ben.)

"Okay, that was predictable. Someone like you can't get a boy like... him!", she meant and showed a picture of a really hot guy to me.

"You're son looks great", I said, only wanting to be polite.

"My... son? My fu.cking son?!", Svetlana jumped up and screamed. "You little... okay, calm down", she mumbled to herself. "This is my fiancé, girl. You could never get someone like him. And let me tell you: We do things a mother and her son would never do. Daily, multiple times. Which will stay a dream fro you forever", she laughed.

I was nearly in tears by now. She was the most evil person I've ever met!

"Yes, he's really sexy", I smiled, though. 

"That is. You wanna see him?"

I shrugged. No, I didn't want to see someone who had se.x with Svetlana. 

"You should come to my party", she thought loudly. "My engagement party. Okay?"

"Y...yes?", I responded. What the hell did she want?

"Okay, you're ready now. You can go", Svetlana said. No goodbye or anything. I stood up and walked outside of her bureau. I didn't know what to think about all this, it had been too strange. maybe she was totally insane by now?
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