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Thursday, 28th-30th: Are you ready to have the best vacation of your life? J'adore is paying for a trip to Tahiti for three days! Ahh, how exciting is that?? Just think . . . tanning, drinking tropical drinks, and swimming in clear turquoise water, sigh. Get packing!!

Sorry for not being active lately, but I'm going to be super active this week because of standardized testing lets me go home earlier and we have little to nothing homework! :D

+Thursday, 28th+

“Urgummmerrkaaimmee,” Odelia groaned and murmured. She had been sleeping like a bear in hibernation for the last hour. And did I mention she was sitting /right/ next to me? Yeah, I was not in the right mood.

Hopefully, once we get to Tahiti, everything will be all right. I think.

Three hours later, Odelia was still snoring and whispering in her sleep, and I was more pissed than the time someone stole my credit card and bought a flat-screen TV with it. So, what does a girl do?

She fights fire with fire. Or Diet Coke with snoring power. Same thing.

I elbowed a full glass of Diet Coke over to my left and it splashed and spilled all over Odelia’s little expensive jeans. She instantly sprang up like a jack-in-a-box, and she wiped most of it off and onto the plane’s floor.

“I’m soaking!” she screamed, glaring at me. I shot her a “I didn’t do anything” look and went back to watching “The Other Guys” on my iPad. Haha, peacocks.

“You should really go to the bathroom and change,” I gave her some “helpful” advice.

She rolled her eyes. “Thanks, of course! You’re such a great friend!!” she said sarcastically and shimmied past Jo and I. We were on a private jet, but even then, we are all crowded.

“Hope that didn’t leave a stain,” I whispered to Jo. She shook her head, probably hating our fights. Whatever, we didn’t even include her.

This was going to be an interesting vacation. Luckily, I had brought my SuperPrecision Canon camera with my extra zoom-focusing ring to take pictures of the great wonders of Tahiti. Usually, I’d be ecstatic to have this chance, but somehow, I’m not happy. What was going on?

Eh, I’m just probably missing Henri and Evian.

+Friday, 29th+

“It’s pretty.” Aimee dipped a Revlon Top Speed-coated toe in Lily into the turquoise ocean water. The tides were slipping back and forth, causing a ripple of wave sounds. No one was at the Vagues Vert Beach even though it was the place to go in Tahiti.

I laid out my extremely expensive $670 Emilio Pucci beach towel and dropped my bag and extra clothes onto it. I watched Aimee test the water out. I don’t know why but she seemed a bit tense. Her posture didn’t loosen up at all and she only spoke when she was supposed to—and that’s weird.

Anyway, I put on my Marc Jacobs sunglasses and laid down to soak up some sun. Kendall and Portia laid on either side of me, also tanning. I turned on my iPod and played “Broken Arrow” by Pixie Lott.

“You could be my hero, if only I could let go, but his love is still in me like a broken arrow.”

“Could you keep it down?” Kendall joked.

I giggled, “Was I singing out loud? Sorry.” I shut my mouth and put on a new coat of Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Imaginaire. I soon felt like falling asleep because it was so perfect outside. It was eighty degrees and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

There was not a distraction in sight, so I couldn’t help but drift off to sleep.

+Saturday, 30th+

After yesterday’s embarrassing moment of waking up sunburnt after everyone was about to leave, I wasn’t looking forward to today.

I was as red as a lobster and as peely as old nail polish. How could this have happened? All I did yesterday was put on my favorite Clarins moisturizer with 80 SPF sunscreen. Doesn’t that do the trick? I guess not.

But the thing is, I didn’t even stay out too long: only like an hour and a half. Eh, whatever.

I went to the local drugstore and scowered the French products for a sunburn reliever. I picked up the first one I found and bought it. Back at the fabulous hotel, I smothered myself in it and the stinging sensation sort of disappeared. Not entirely though.

I saw my Clarins moisturizer sitting on the dresser, and I picked it up confused. I twisted the cap and peered inside. NO WAY!

In it, there were globs of orange self-tanner swirled in with the moisturizer. I can’t believe this! It must have diluted the sunscreen part of the moisturizer and replaced it with uber tanning lotion.

ODELIAAAA HAS STRUCK AGAIN!! Next time, I’m /not/ going to hold back against her. She’s going to get it hard.

I flopped down on the soft, comfy bed and sprawled my arms and legs across it like I wanted to prove that I had a long wingspan or something. My phone vibrated and I checked it.

Chlo: Hey! Sorry about your sunburn. Hope you feel better! We should do something together today if you feel well enough.

I responded back: Sure, like what? And I really want to bring Jo along too if you don’t mind.

Chlo: Of course. How about surfing? I heard Tahiti has some great surfing spots. Even though I suck, do you want to go with me?

Hmmmm, surfing? I’ve never tried it before. But I guess I could try.

Me: Okay, pick me up in an hour.

This should be fun!

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