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Tuesday, 10th: Today on this fine, sunny day, Aimee is hosting a fun picnic in Central Park! Bring your guy and/or best friend because we're bringing food for forty people! Hopefully that won't attract bees! Yikes. When you come home, you better pack for tomorrow's quick trip.

"Never knew you were such a good picnic host," Cameron came up behind me and wrapped me in his arms.

The air outside was cold, so his warmth comforted me. I was literally freaking out. About my position at J'adore, and the quick trip to California tomorrow. There was so much going on. On top of that, I got the idea to hold a picnic. Great.

Even though I didn't want to, I broke loose from his hold. "Thanks." I muttered. "I have to go clean up something."

Cameron pouted. "Why? What is it?"

"Clean up the fight between Odelia and Charlotte that is going on." I said, automatically, staring in their direction. 

"Those two are always going to fight. I've seen you try to stop them before and it didn't work." he said.

I crossed my arms, gazing up at him. "You think I'm lousy fight-stopper?"

He laughed. "No, I just think you're better kisser."

I giggled. "Is that what you want? Never knew you were so into PDA now." I said, walking closer to him. 

He held my hands. "We've been together for four months now. . . I don't mind."

I slapped my thigh on accident, letting go of his hands. "Four months?! Cam, I haven't even thought of it as four months... wow, that's crazy."


"Crazy as in /good/." I confirmed. "You wanna go longer than that?" I asked playfully.

He grabbed my hands again. "If you want to." he said before he kissed me.

+ + +

Odelia came to me. "Hi, Aimee. Great picnic. If only Charlotte wasn't here."

I didn't say anything about Charlotte to her. "Hi, Odelia. Thanks. I gotta go."

I was trying to go to Jo, but Chloe stopped me.

"Chloe, hey!" I said, surprised.

"Hi. Hey, so I need your help. For some reason, some of these girls don't like me."

I sucked in my breath like I actually cared. "No!" I said sarcastically. Then I realized she was being serious.

"Some people aren't going to like you, that's J'adore for you." I said to her.

She looked disappointed. She'd better get used to it.

After the picnic party was over, I cleaned up the area with the help of Chloe and Odelia. Then, I rushed home to get packing for the trip tomorrow.


xx Aimee

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