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Name: Lady Crystal Susan Careen Singer of Labrador
Age: 19
Caste: Two
Bio: Crystal had aways lived a luxurious life as the spoiled girl of one of the most powerful ambassador of the province. Since she was a child with a snap of her fingers she could had anything she desired. Her real mother, Lady Callie Satin, died when she was six. She didn't remember of her, she just had some flashbacks and blurred memories like a voice, a scent or a gaze. Luckily her step-mother wasn't the evil one that she read about in the tales. On the countrary, Lady Calypso Saskia proved to be a lovely mother that cared of the girl even if she wasn't hers. Everything in her life seemed perfect. but it just seemed. Since she started going to school she was the little queen of the class. Every kid wanted to be her friend and to sit at her table in dining hall. When her parents organized her birthday parties, the whole mansion was full of people everytime. But in these moments Crystal realized that she felt lonely. She saw girls smiling at her but she could even smell their envy and jealousy. Most of that smiling girls always bowing at her feet tought that because her family was reach, it automatically made her presumptious, annoying and snobbish. And this feeling just made her... sad. Sad 'cause she'd like to have a real friendship and someone that really cared of her aside from her family. His father was most of the time far from home and the mother took part at a lot of events. When Crystal was able to reject the invites from her mother to come with her, she took refuge in books. She spent whole afternoons fighting next to his favourite heroes. There she felt accepted even if she belonged to the caste two. Then the chance to become the next princess arrived. Her parents were so proud of her 'cause it'd have helped the family reputation. But she didn't share the same opinion, she immediately saw it as an occasion to prove to all the reign that even a rich girl could be compassionate and kind with everybody.
Model: Vika Falileeva
Family Members: 
• Samuel Cajetan Singer; 52
Father, ambassador
Brad Pitt

• Callie Satin Singer; deceased
Mother; secreatry of a bank manager
Angelina Jolie

• Calypso Saskia Singer; 32
Step-Mother; Model that retired after the marriage
Amy Adams

Aide: Veda Kensington 
Scarlett Johansson

• Rabiah Lancaster
Leighton Meester

• Lacey Storm
Blake Lively

• Addie Milton
Jessica Szohr
Height: 5'10.5" ; 179cm
Weight: 143lb ; 65Kg
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Language: English, French, German. Basic Chinese and Spanish
Highest level grade completed: high school diploma
Special Skills: Her kindness and her poise in front of irritating situation. She's very good at horseback riding. She had some classes of archery. 


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