♪ Bow Down // Beyoncè (this song has nothing to do with the set but I'm simply obsessed with it :3)

PS this was I think the most difficult doll EVER! I had the idea of her dress and realizing it was so very very hard. After all,I love how she turned out, so yay, my efforts have been rewarded


Monday, May 6: For your second challenge, you will have to face archery lessons. The lady with the best aim (and clothes!) will get to win this week’s challenge.


-included @sophieviollet and @henna-enjoys-the-little-things, mentioned @jolieenrose

“Milady?” A soft voice was calling me in my dreams. I's already woken up but I didn't want to get out of the bed so I just cuddled the pillow pretending that I still was in dream world. “Lady Crystal” I heard the soft voice of Rabiah, “you have to get out of bed”. 

“Please just five minutes more” I moaned. I had to admit that I'd never slept in a bed so comfy. The royal family knew how to made the guest feel home. Or even better.

“But you don't have five minutes more, Lady Crystal” Addie added and I could bet she was smirking. Now I had recognized the sort of my maids: Rabiah was the kindest, Addie was the smiling one and Lacey was quiet but always helpful. I was very lucky in having them.

“Raise and shine, Crystal” Veda said with her shrill voice entering in my bedroom and clapping her hands. If before I was between reality and dream, now I was for sure awake. I sat on the side of the bed stretching my arms and looking around with eyes half open. “You have a challenge today and you'll better be prepared for it” she added with a smirk.

“Well,maybe you'll be surprised” I said with a yawn, “but I feel quite confident about this challenge”.My statement made Veda raise her eyebrow. “Well”, I said gazing down, “I had some archery lessons since I was eight” I smirked to her. I didn't feel perfect at it but at least I knew my way around and it was better than nothing.

“That's good” Veda said sitting in front of my bed. Meanwhile I finally got out of bed and I started my daily routine: breakfast, bathroom session and then I should start wearing myself for the challenge.

“Do you already have an idea?” Veda asked me as I got out of the bathroom. I looked her in the eyes, I spent the last hours of the night thinking about it before I felt asleep. I had tones of ideas but I still hadn't chose one. So when she asked me I said the first one that came to my mind, “I-I wanted to inspire my look to the amazons” I said half-smiling.

“Do you mean”, Veda said frowning me, “with the chest naked?” she said pointing at hers.

I looked at her shocked, was this the only thing that came to her mind? “Obviously not, I'd like to give the look a tribal vibe.Maybe feathers.And I'd like to use clothes that make me feel strong and classy too” I tryed my best to explain my confused idea.

“Really cool” Veda said after some moments of silence and this mademe smile. “Well girls, let's start working” she said clapping her hands, “we have an idea to realize and not too much time to do it”.


I was walking to the park where the challenge would have settled then a voice stopped my walk, “Crystal wait!”. I turned and I saw Melwen running to me in a gorgeus short light blue dress. “Melwen you look really beautiful in that dress” I said as she reached me.

“Well thank you” she said smiling, “I love your outfit too” she said looking at me, “especially the skirt”.

“Thanks” I replied as we started walking. The skirt was the only element that I didn't feel confindent of due to its plunging rip on my left tight, But after a compliment now I coud really say that I love my look. “So, how do you feel about this challenge?” I asked her.

She shrugged her shoulders, “It'll be as easy as a pie for me” she said with a pleased smirk on her face. “I started using bow and arrows since I was 5” she explained. Well I found someone that shoot arrows from more time of me. “And you?”

“Same,I started young too” I said looking around in the park to find the place where we should go. “Look there” I said pointing where I saw a little crowd chatting.

We headed there where some girls were already praticing shooting. Some of them hit the goal most of times, some others hit it sporadically and some others looked at the bow like they never saw something like that. Maybe I had a chance after all. I immediately regret thinking of something like that. If I were in their shoes, I'd probably will die for the embarassement.

I immediately recognized the girl that face the Queen in the past event. I tought that all the girls knew who she were after what happened. If my memory wasn't tricking me, her name was Emma. The last time she even said something about how much stereotypical was my tought about smiling. In a first time I tought that was very rude, but after thinking about it I preferred someone that didn't mind to say his opinion out loud instead of hypocrites. 

I took a bow and an arrow and started practice too. I put myself in front of the target, took a deep breath and lifted the bow. I let the feathers of the arrow caress my cheeck as I was checking my aim. Another deep breath and then I shoot it. 

“Great shoot” said the girl standing next to me.

I looked at my target, the arrow was in it but it wasn't in the blusseye.”Thanks but I can do better” I said smiling at her. I looked at her target that was empty. And there wasn't any arrows in the ground next to it. I supposed that she has just arrived. Then I concentrated on her. I knew who she was, she won the last challenge. She's the only one that met the Prince.

“I think that we've never be introduced, I'm Lady Astrid of Ottaro” she said giving me her hand.

I took it and shook it, “Lady Crystal of Labrador” I replied with a smooth smile. I took another arrow, “So how is he?” Iasked her as I stretched the bow. 

“A Prince” she replied criptically. I got the point, she didn't want to talk about it. So I kept my focus on the target and shoot another arrow. It was closer to the bullseye than the other one but still not in it. I won't leave my spot until I hit it. I was sure that if Veda was here she'sd have said something about that I wasn't believing enough in my skills. And she'd have clapped her hands too.

I took a sip of water before I put myself in front of my target again. Another arrow and I could do it this time. When the arrow caressed my cheek this time I closed my bad eye and focused only on the target. I saw only it, I was alone facing it. All the other things didn't count at all. 

I shoot the arrow.

I lowered the bow. I did it. My third arrow was in the bullseye.
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