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Monday, April 29: Greetings to everyone and welcome to The Selection, where eleven ladies are competing for the Prince’s affections and the throne. Today, you will face your first challenge. You will have tea with the Queen at the Women’s Room, where you will receive a lesson in etiquette. Make sure to wear your best day dress, prepared by your maids.


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"Good, you're ready" Lacey said giving me a final look.

"Thank you to all of you" I said smiling at my aids. They were so kind with me and I wanted to be the same with them.

"Aaw this is so sweet" Veda replied with a smile, "I think that now I've a cavity" she said with a grin that apperaed on her face as fast as it disappeared few seconds later.

Veda was strange. She was my aide and so far she seemed so sure of herself. I totally liked this part of her, it's the same self-esteem I'd like to have for myself. But sometimes her sharp tongue made me feel... inappropriate.

"Come on Goldilocks you have an appointment" she added clapping her hands and I caught a sight of Addie jumping on her spot.

"Be careful with the dress" I heard Rabiah shouting as we stepped out of the door.

"I'm not a kidda" I giggled thinking about what she said. "And even when i was, if i came back home with dirty on my clothings my mother would have killed me"

"Yes so fascinating" Veda said. 

Again: inappropriate.

"Do you" I cleared my voice, "do you have any useful tips?" I said with a stronger thone.

"Yes" she said blocking me, "smile" she added with a bright smile. "And, just try to like yourself more than now". 

Well, I really didn't need to know this. I huffed glancing at my shoes.

"You're doing it wrong" she smiled to me. Woah, she could smile too. I mean, not in a sarcastic way. "Listen Crystal, this is the best way for the Queen to examine all the girls and meet them before the Prince. She's the one who won, she know what she's about".

I nodded, "I know it and don't worry I won't underrate this event" i said with a reassuring smile. For me, not for her.

"Good" she said with a nod. She was about to go away but then she stopped and turned looking at me, "good luck" she added with a wink before she went away.

I took a long and deep breath before I could enter in the room with my head held high. There were already some bunch of people but I didn't see no-one that could look like the Queen. At least I wasn't late.

After I looked around for a while, I approached to a young girl with ice in her eyes that seemed to reach out the outside.

"This room is really enchanting" I said as I sat next to her. Just after the words came out of my mouth I realized that there're thousands better senteces to start with.

She giggled, clearly she found it hilarius too, "Absolutely yes". 

"Sorry I'm so embarassed and nervous that the stupidest things just come out of my mouth" I apologized. Damn, it wasn't the best wayto start at all.

"Mmm, don't worry" she grinned, "it was... cool" she added side looking at me.

"I'm Crystal of Labrador" I said as gave her my hand to shake, "I'm going to spare all my boring second names"

She shook my hand with strenght, "Melody of Panama, nice to meet you" she smiled brightly.

"Ladies, please welcome Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Victoria" as the chamberlain presented her we stood up. 

She was simply majestic and her dress was the dreamy one that I always desired as a child. Even her maids were perfectly dressed. Maybe it was the fact that all of this seemed so dreamy but i still didin't realize that this was happening. And to me.

In a coupla of minutes we started our lesson,nothing new for me. My father always liked to have a daughter that won't embarass him in high class events. And after all, good manners and etiquette were like your business card, they're the way you're presenting to the others.

I used this time even looking at the other girls all around me. I could smell nervousism all around here even if some of them could hide it better than others.

I recognized a face not so far from me, Melware. We met before in the park and she seemed so innocent at first but under that angelic face there was a grown woman. I liked her after all.

I waved at her hoping that she could catch a glimpse of me. She didn't, never mind I'll greet her later.

Now, let the game begin.
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