publishing this early, since i will be busy with hw and work tomorrow:)

I looked down at my phone, feeling the vibration of another text. It was continuous as i was texting the two main men in my life, as of friday.

Gabriel, and...the secret ben.

A secret, and it needed to be kept in that manner.

He made me feel light and free and okay with the marriage. The idea of an affair made me want the wedding to come sooner, just soi could rebel, something i had rarely ever done.

I sipped my passion fruit tea as i texted back with my free hand, trying to involve myself in the conversation being held with the girls.

"So, will you, Bea?" Ebony asked.
I looked up, completely withdrawn from it all.
"Uh...yeah...okay." I pretended i knew everything going on, i could not let them see a weak force in me.

It would equal my downfall. if an affair wouldn't?
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