1st contest of K-Pop, Battle of Teams:

Created by @ioreth
In ♪Kpop Music Fashion♪ Group:
Create a set dedicated to your artist and introduce this group and their concept- 10 points. 
Use at least one photo of your group from 2014- 5 points. Write 5 facts about your artist-5 points. 
You can get up to 20 points. 

[Introduction & Concept]
-- Group debut: Jan. 7, 2011
-- INFINITE has seven members: 
Kim Sungkyu: Main vocalist, Leader
Kim Myungsoo: Lead vocalist
Lee Sungyeol: Vocalist
Lee Ho Won (Hoya): Lead Rapper, Main dancer, Vocalist
Jong Dongwoo: Lead dancer, Main rapper, Vocalist
Nam Woohyun: Main vocalist
Lee Sungjong: Vocalist, Maknae
-- Main focus: dance choreography and group and individual vocals. Vocal style can be strong, rhythmic, and energetic, or soft and melodic, with group harmonies.
-- Singers’ voices are unique and distinct. Fans know right away when they hear an INFINITE song. 
-- Members seem to like showing fans their humor, good nature, and passion for performing, through their songs, MVs, variety appearances and live concerts. 
-- The group is managed by Woolim Entertainment.

[Five Facts]
1. On April 10, 2014 INFINITE released an instrumental compilation album 'The Origin', becoming the first Korean idol group to do so. It contains instrumental versions for some of their previous songs on 3 CDs, each with a different concept; 30,000 limited copies are available for sale. 

2. 2013 was a very busy year for this group. INFINITE released two new albums and began their 1st World Tour, One Great Step, in August in Seoul. The tour included 31 shows in Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Dubai. The tour finished with an encore concert, "One Great Step Returns" in Seoul Feb 2014. On April 12 Infinite performed in the KBS OPEN CONCERT / LA KPOP FESTIVAL.

3. The group rewarded their fans with a great 2014 New Year’s present by doing a variety show called ‘Diss is Infinite’ where the members were encouraged to diss each other — very funny! Here are a couple of clips to kick off this series: 

4. In one episode (sorry, still searching for ep #) of a previous Infinite variety show called Ranking King, Infinite interacted with little girls for 30 minutes, then girls voted for their favorite member. The results: Sungkyu’s ranking was low due to awkwardness, same for Dongwoo, who just wanted to read the picture books, Woohyun is unknown to girls under age ten, Hoya was called an ‘ugly ahjusshi’, Sungyeol scored low too, Myungsoo scored very well, showing his fangirls span all ages(!), and Sungjong won top honors…he is practically ready to be a dad! (note: there are many eps of Ranking King here is link to first ep in the series:)

5. INFINITE held a concert at Olympic Gymnastics Hall on April 1, 2012. An estimated 10,000 fans packed into the Olympic Gymnastics Hall. There they filmed: INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D.

[Also on Team Party Boys]
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[Other teams’ members]
@lauacvdo @tortor1994 @raphaellakay @channdid @himchan
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@her106 @chaerin-tbf @muzikgurl @umkkey @kamilya-xoxo
April 26, 2014

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