We had 2 tests the last 2 periods of the day, a math one and a science one... STUPID TEACHERS.
I also had foods and gym in the morning and you may think foods awesome you get to cook for 100 minutes (2 50 minute classes) but NO, it is horrible, we cook with chicken thighs, BELCH. I only like chicken brests. And there is only 2 girls in our class and we don’t cook together, we are in different kitchens, ok so foods started and it was fine we were making chicken burgers, rice, apple cake and caramel sauce. Sounds good?It does to me but I have a group full of retards that are well, retarded. Lets call them dumb and dumber. So dumber drops the chicken on the floor then steps on it by accident. So he runs it under water, ok then I look he is running raw chicken over the clean dishes... so I have to go over and tell dumb to re-do all the dishes because of dumber. Then I had to do the cake because it had to cook for 25 minutes, so I got to the counter and got the ingredients and started to make the cake, I was almost done when I saw that someone needed to peel and core the apples, dumb was still doing dishes so I got dumber to do it. He brought them back and then he basically took the entire middle of the apple out. That was not that bad so I kept going... I cut the apples into slices and put them on the cake and into the preheated oven for 30 minutes because the ovens we have are not the best. Then dumb is done the dishes and starts the rice, he puts everything in and starts it then by this time dumber was grinding the chicken thighs, that was also fine so I started the caramel sauce. I got the ingredients put them into a pot and started to do it, I then told dumb to put the burgers into circles like the way you eat them and he did, I looked at them and they were barely circular, so I told him to redo it. He did and this time they were worse so I told him to stir the sauce and for me to do the burgers he forgot the broth, so I put it in and made the burgers and put them into the pan. I put some water in the pan and put a plate on it to steam the burgers to make sure they would be cooked through, then dumber lifts up the rice lid on the half cooked rice and stirs it!!! I tell him that you can’t do that because that ruins the rice. I put it back on after explaining to him how it cooks and he set the table. Dumber who was supposed to watch the burgers then lifted the lid on the rice and I did my whole it doesn’t cook when you do that speech. I then looked at the burgers and flipped them over. They were burnt. So I flipped them over and tried to at least semi cook them. They and the rice were done, the burgers burnt and the rice not cooked. I was not going to eat any of the burger or rice but was looking forward do the cake. They finished the stuff they were eating and the timer went off for the cake so I took it out and It was not cooked at all. DUMBER TURNED OFF THE STOVE.. so all together that was a long horrible class and I had to stay after class to help clean up all the messes that they left everywhere. So I was late to gym which was basketball my least favourite sport ever... then lunch, I studied all lunch for the math and science test. Then after lunch we had English so we got there and our sub assigned three literary analisis’ those take me like three-four hours each... that is roughly 10 hours of homework. Then the science test. Everyone cheeted, even the ‘good’ students. Then the math test... I think that I did not do well at all! I was stressed and it did not make sense to me... then after school I stayed to finish my math test then I had to go back to science and do that test then I had a japan meeting... that was a long bad day...
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