Name: Real name is Evelyn Ulysses (E.U.), but she changed it to Eureka

Nicknames: The Pink Kitten, Pinkie, The Pink Minx, Pink Milk (though rather…suggestive, she kinda revels in that one, haha, that’s just the type girl she is xD)

Age: 23

Likes: Anything pink or purple, cute males (animal or not), primping herself, laughing, anything sweet, fruity cocktails/drinks, hallucinogens, shiny things, making trouble, seducing aforementioned males (and the occasional female…depending on her mood), making people squirm with her boldness, large hats (especially with flowers and in pink or purple)

Dislikes: Being tied down, relationships, not getting what she wants, following rules, falling in love, remembering her past

Model: Charlotte Free

Based off of: Eureka, The Pink Kitten, from Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Bio: Eureka was once human, but fell in love with a magician when they were both young and he tricked her, stole her heart, and cursed her with bright pink cat ears and matching hair. Ever since, she's sworn off love, in the emotional sense. She's obsessed with the physical, however, since she found that you don't have to be in love with someone to make it. So she spends her time seducing males while keeping herself detached, just as she likes it. She's made breaking their hearts into an art and likes to "hone" her craft often. She revels in her cat-ness and uses it to her advantage. She's not afraid to really mess things up (in fact, she loves to) and appears to be only merely amused by most things in life. Deep down, she's full of emotions that threaten to boil over and destroy her, but she's kept a pretty good (and very, very pink) facade over them. So far. To counteract the memories and pain, she likes to drink and do whatever she can to numb it all. She says that her perfect state is "when everything's gone sugar-pink and fuzzy," including her.

Side: Whoever gives her the prettiest things, and right now that’s Ozma’s, but it could change at the drop of her (very large and very purple) hat

This is really just an outline for artists, ANYTHING by these amazing artists will work, haha, the songs are all interchangeable ;)

1) “Sexy Silk” by Jessie J (yes, the one from Easy A, that totally badass moment when Emma Stone walks out in the bustier all sexy…which, actually, she is basically ALL the time, haha)

2) "How to Be a Heartbreaker" by Marina and the Diamonds (This is just...this IS Eureka. This entire Electra Heart album. Just YES.)

3) "Glitter In The Air" by P!nk (The incredible, amazing, awe-inspiring Grammy performance of it...she's upside down, in the air, and soaking wet. Holy shiz, she is spectacular.

4) “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett (this is the one with the Foo Fighters because it's basically one of the best performances in the history of...ever)

5) “Gettin' Hot” by The Runaways

6) “Violent Inside” by Joyce Manor

7) “Drunk" by Ed Sheeran. Because he is Ginger Jesus and amazing. True story.

8) “Some Nights" by Fun.

9) “Hex Girlfriend” by Neon Indian

10) “Oblivion” by Grimes (she’s got the perfect drugs-taste-like-sugar vibe, haha, that’s really the only way I can describe it xD)


@ingrid because she wished it so. ;)

If anyone is interested in Eureka being a friend/ally/drug-dealer feel free to ask! Her bar/club, Pink's, is open for hanging out for anyone and for rebel meetings if anyone wants to use that too. I love teaming up, haha. ;)
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