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First tip in our new tip series; this was requested by @nomieissoepic !

So, YouTube - it's one of the most popular sites in the world. And you want to become a part of that, right? Well, it might be a little difficult. So, here's a quick way to get yourself started and maybe it will turn into something big.

O1;; Figure out what type of videos you want to make. Some different types of videos are: fashion, advice, tutorials, makeup, hair, cheerleading, gymnastics, product reviews, singing, dancing, and much, much more! Figuring this out will help you decide how to start your series of vids. 

O2;; Where/How are you going to do it? Where will you be recording the videos, and how? Will you use a video camera, your phone camera, or a webcamera? Using a webcam built into your computer is the most practical, but most of the time, the quality isn't the best. 

O3;; How will people start watching your videos and getting to know you? Tell people at your school, your family, and your friends tha tyou started a YouTube channel and that they should check it out. That will lead to a chain reaction of people wanting to see the videos. 

O4;; Have a pattern, and keep people on their feet. Make sure you have a pattern, like telling them what days a week you'll be uploading videos. Then, by this point, they'll know when to watch and what to watch.

O5;; Be patient. Usually, it takes some time to be known in YouTube. So, just be patient and take your time. Eventually, your road to "fame" will open up.

Well, I hope this helped! Comment more suggestions or pm us with requests!

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