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Teen Wolf Season 3 Review: 

I made this set a while ago, as I finished Teen Wolf Season about last month or something... so my reaction when I wrote this review is a few days after I saw it but didn’t have time to finish writing it, until now of course. 

This review contains SPOILERS. So don't read if you have not seen the TV show, as I reveal spoilers.

WHOA MAN. JUST WHOA. When did Teen Wolf get so awesome?
I am going to assume that the creators got some new writers, because Season 3 is pretty amazing. I did like Season 1 and 2. I mean it was good but not amazing, but Season 3 took turned series to a whole new level of horror and suspense. I feel like Season 3 was what I was waiting for! 

For the first half of Teen Wolf 3A, there are two plots – the gang finds themselves a new enemy, which is the lethal Alpha Pack led by the Deucalion. Someone is committing gruesome murders and Stiles discovers that these victims are being killed for human sacrifice, but they don’t find out who is behind it until the last few episodes. Later on, they discover that the killer is a druid, also known as a ‘Darah’ and this turns out to be Jennifer. PLOT TWIST. I knew there was something fishy about this Jennifer teacher. I knew she wasn’t there for nothing. 

I really liked episode 6, it’s probably my favourite episode of 3A because that’s when my feels kind of started. Watching the previous seasons of Teen Wolf, I didn’t get any feels at all until now. Scott, Isaac, Boyd and Ethan are under the Darah’s control, and they are going to commit suicide as sacrifices. Scott poured all the patrol in the parking lot and he had the fire saying, “There’s no hope. Not for me,” then Stiles said you're my brother, if you’re dying, then you have to take me with you. I had tears in my eyes. That was an emotional scene. Forget Sterek! I’m all for Scott and Stiles bromance. 

So 3B was a pretty intense final 12 episodes. The first episode was very interesting because Scott, Allison and Stiles were having the side effects of being a sacrifice to save their parents. Scott hallucinates his wolf shadow, Stiles can’t seem to read and Allison hallucinates her dead aunt, Kate. 

Scott is always getting action, so it’s nice to see Stiles finally getting some action. I actually couldn’t believe Lydia kissed Stiles! I just never expected it but I liked that scene : ) there were so many great scenes, so I can't name them all but I did like that Lydia had more of a storyline in this season because in S1 and 2, she just seemed shallow and a bit of a damsel in distress. Lydia is growing on me. 

I think Dylan O’Brien did a really great job of playing dark Stiles. I love comical sarcastic Stiles, but dark Stiles was very interesting and it was interesting to see how Dylan portrayed that character. I love dark characters because they’re so interesting, as they spice up the storyline. 

I don’t know why everyone thought Stiles was going to die. I thought don’t be daft, Stiles is not going to die. The writers aren’t stupid enough to get rid of him because he is the star of the show. 

I cried when Allison died. I couldn’t believe how many tears were falling. It was so sad and emotional. I already knew it must be because Crystal Reed wants to leave the show and it was. That scene, man, it got me right there in the FEELS. Especially when she said that Scott was her first love and the only person she loved, I just tear up at that moment! Some fans have said that Allison is annoying. I don’t find her annoying at all. I like her because she’s quite badass with the arrow and bow. It’s like she is channelling a Katniss. She’s not a weak character, which I liked about her. Allison and Scott, forever OTP. 

About Allison and Isaac...yeah, I didn’t feel like there was anything there, as I don’t see chemistry or a connection because their relationship (if you can even call it that) was very short-lived and underdeveloped. With Isaac, I’m not a big fan of his character to be honest. I know a lot of fans say he’s so hot and blah and blah, yeah whatever, unfortunately he was nothing interesting. Perhaps the writers could have given him a storyline but they didn’t. 

I don’t really understand Sterek. A lot they have a massive fanbase on tumblr but I don’t see it. All I see when watching the show is that they get into some really awkward situations, which is really funny. Like in Season 2 with the lizard thing that was Jackson, it paralysed Derek, he fell and then it paralysed Stiles and he fell onto top of Derek. ROFL! Well this is sufficiently awkward. 

So there is a bit of a plot hole in 3B, which is you know when Scott, Allison and Stiles sacrifice themselves in the last episode of 3A, so that they could save their parents, their mind has been opened in 3B and Deaton said that it is imperative that it is closed. The thing is, I don’t think it got closed! This storyline was left hanging. That’s how the nogitsune could enter into Stiles head so easily. 

Why the f*** is Kate alive? Why the f*** is she a werewolf?! Just...WHAT! A plot hole on these new werewolf hunters, which I think will be the main storyline of season 4. 

In my opinion, I would say that I prefer 3A to 3B. This is because I felt like 3A was darker and had a more horror aspect to it. Even though 3B had those horror aspects with the Japanese folklore mythology. It was so interesting with the nogitsune possessing Stiles storyline and I was pretty much at the edge of my seat! But personal preference, I enjoyed 3A more. 

Usually in TV shows, Season 2 or 3 aren’t that great – like Gossip Girl and the OC for instance, but Teen Wolf, man, it was so good! It got better and better, and I really enjoyed it. Psyched for season 4! 

So about the Season 4 teaser trailer...it was quite ambiguous, but I sort of understand it’s meaning behind it. You see Scott’s face in some ashes, Lydia flicking her hair, then Derek, Stiles and all these ashes again, then we see the cross bow, which is a reminder of Allison and that they can’t go back. 

Yeah, so that’s my review on Teen Wolf Season 3. I think if your watching Season 1 or 2 and not enjoying it much (yet), you should carry on because Season 3 is like WHOA, taking awesome to a whole new level. 

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