Teenage Dream ♥ - [What would you wear..challenge :] [Completed]

1. To your own birthday party
2. To go shopping on Fifth Avenue
3. To go out to a cocktail at a beach bar
4. To a sleepover
5. To your fave band/singer's concert
6. To watch a fashion show
7.To a vacation in Hawaii
8. To a long plane flight
9. To six flags♥
10. To a date with your famous boyfriend♥
11. To a High School dance
12. To going out with your friends
13. To a movie date with your boyfriend
14. To a wild Friday night party
15. To a walk in the Central Park
16. To a movie premiere
17. To your wedding♥
18. On the cover of a magazine
19. To attend in an episode of Gossip Girl
20. To a perfect Christmas dinner [with friends, family, boyfriend..]
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