Teen Top is growing to be one of my bias groups really fast...they all have such different charms but you can't help but love all their charms

well, except Chunji...to be honest, I don't really see anything that attractive in him 
@maybones haha sorry unnie, I promise I'm not trying to diss your bias in Teen Top lol

if I had to rate them it'd be like

1. Niel (am I the only one who would rate this boy no.1 in Teen Top for everything he does? looks, singing, and I know he's not the dancer of the group, but I think his dancing is even the most attractive...0.0 yup well that just means I'm blinded by biased-ness I guess)

2. Ricky (because he's so cute ^.^)

3. C.A.P (he's just cool about everything lolol)

4. Changjo

5. L.Joe 

6. Chunji 

and I swore to myself that I wouldn't start liking this group...sigh why did I even do that, it was obvious from the beginning that I would like them because I've liked all of their songs...I'm so silly...
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Wrote 4 years ago
This is so cute but I also luv that u add Teen Top <3

Wrote 4 years ago
Dongsaeng, you are an EmotioNiel xD *funny unnie is funny* And Ricky for me, is sort of like Chunji for you (ALTHOUGH, I THINK CHUNJI IS JUST OH HOT DAMN O3O)
@fruitmachine WE SHALL SHARE HIM~ *takes your hands and spins in circles*

Wrote 4 years ago
hahahahahah don't worry I'll take pictures of all of them! since mom is Ricky biased I might take like 10000 pictures of him! lol ^_^ i wish you were close!!! T_T

Wrote 4 years ago
@equinoxstar B-but...Ricky's so cute and squishy >.< I don't understand how you don't like him unnie D: and I promise I won't look at C.A.P or Changjo, lolol
@fruitmachine Yeah I hate (but not really hate) those groups where you can't choose a bias because they're all so darn loveable! (except I do have a bias...but it was a very close ranking!)
@maybones unnie, I'll be your angel friend....except I live halfway across the world from you T__T You're so lucky, getting to see Teen Top...take a lot of pictures for me pretty please! Maybe a couple (and by couple I mean 1231920491) of pictures of Niel..? :D


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Asian inspired and melody

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if you interests in an Asia Countries,Asian Cultures,Asian Stars,Asian Models,Asian Film,Asian T.V. Series and Asian Music such as K-pop,J-pop,C-pop etc.
here is the right place to join this group.
welcome all of you to share your interests and Asian inspired set together.
Thank you so much to join and have fun.
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