Teen Top is growing to be one of my bias groups really fast...they all have such different charms but you can't help but love all their charms

well, except Chunji...to be honest, I don't really see anything that attractive in him 
@maybones haha sorry unnie, I promise I'm not trying to diss your bias in Teen Top lol

if I had to rate them it'd be like

1. Niel (am I the only one who would rate this boy no.1 in Teen Top for everything he does? looks, singing, and I know he's not the dancer of the group, but I think his dancing is even the most attractive...0.0 yup well that just means I'm blinded by biased-ness I guess)

2. Ricky (because he's so cute ^.^)

3. C.A.P (he's just cool about everything lolol)

4. Changjo

5. L.Joe 

6. Chunji 

and I swore to myself that I wouldn't start liking this group...sigh why did I even do that, it was obvious from the beginning that I would like them because I've liked all of their songs...I'm so silly...
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