if the answer to above is yes, then please read my new roleplay idea! it is basically pretty little liars, but with a twist. and of course, the models will all be high fashion models!

So, I've always wanted to do a roleplay based on Pretty Little Liars. NOW I AM. But I need your input on the group's bio :) Also, there is no one stalking the four girls. Which means there is an A, but it's a group, it doesn't only stalk Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Aria. Because that would make the group only focus around those four girls which is annoying. Instead of a stalker, I wanted to make it other bodies start showing up in Rosewood. Which makes everyone involved! Read please (:

Lindsay Ellingson looks like an older Sasha Pieterse.


created on august 27th, 2011 at exactly 10:28 pm by theporcelaindoll.
based off of the pretty little liars series, by sara shepard. with a twist though.
copyright for the group's bio.
inspired by ✖sophia spas†ic;™, cherry♩cherry♬boom♫boom♪, and ♥ Grace Rosa ♥'s pretty little liars roleplay.
"secrets have a way of getting out." - pretty little liars
"be careful what you wish for, there's always a catch." - wintergirls
"cause' two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." - secret by the pierces
Beyond the never ending rolling hills, and white-picketed houses, lies a Philadelphia suburb called Rosewood. The friendly faces and fresh atmosphere seems innocent and pure, but remember, everyone's got something to hide. And they may brush their secrets under the rug, but soon enough, they keep crawling back to haunt them. In a small school named Rosewood High, a young, beautiful yet painfully evil girl named Alison DiLaurentis was the queen bee of her seventh grade hive. She ruled with an iron fist, having everyone she knew wrapped around her polished pinky. Alison knew things. Secrets, that people wanted her to forget. But she never would. She tormented people, scarred them, led them on, and soon, everyone started to hate her. Between the bells at school, people cursed her, hoped for her to disappear, even for her to die. Her long, luscious blond hair and thick eyelashes lured every boy into her corrupt grasp, which made other girls hate her. She'd kiss your crushes, fit into that dress you couldn't, have your parents fall in love with her, and slowly and surely, ruin your lives. But on a pitch black sleepless night, Alison is murdered.

And for the next three years, her four ex-best friends, and other classmates, try to forget her. But her memory still tortuously lingers. They can't help but think what if Alison is still alive and well. The police found a body, but remember, it's Alison we're talking about. But they push those terrible thoughts away, and continue on with their lives. They thought all the drama was over, that their lives were finally normal again.

That is, until other bodies start showing up.


just so i know how many people like the idea and such (:
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