So last night I went to a One Direction concert. It was soooo fun. The place was only one hour from my house, but we still had to leave at like 4:30 to get there because we wanted to eat dinner there. So we got to Fairfax, where the concert was, and we ate dinner at Denny's because we needed to go somewhere fast.

Then we left there, and ended up getting lost, so we got to the Patriot Center later than we wanted to.

So then we got there and there was this huge crowd of girls waiting to see them come out of their tour buses. We just walked past that, and went inside. We found our seats, and then we went back out to buy merchandise. I got wristbands and a t-shirt.

After that we went back in and sat down. Then we waited forever for the opening acts (we didn't get Olly. Grr.) So they finally came. The first one was Camryn, who looked like Hannah Montana and was not that good of a singer. Then there was Manika, who was absolutely terrible. She was wearing this high-low tutu thing, and then she took it off I think. At this point I was coughing so much that I had to go out to get water. I've been sick for like 5 days, and it still hasn't gone away.

After Manika we waited like 20 more minutes until 1D finally came out. When they came out it was so loud. They started by singing Na Na Na and it was really cool to just see them. It was so surreal. I took a lot of pictures, but most of them are terrible because people kept getting in the way, and I was moving around a lot. After they were done singing they had an encore, and they sang I Want, which is my favorite song by them.

So after that we left, and it was like 10:30. We got home at like 12, and I didn't go to sleep until 1. this morning was awful because I had to wake up at 6 to get ready for school, but I slept through my alarm, and so my dad had to come wake me up.

It was probably the best night of my life.
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