a deadly game
misery - the maine

* * *

name: Yulee Juchova
age: 24
model: Abbey Lee Kershaw [changed to Frida Gustavsson]
occupation: Unemployed 
likes: her former home in Russia, riding the ski lifts, milk mustaches, classic books, finding that perfect outfit, Audrey Hepburn movies, her mother’s pearl necklace, little black dresses
bio: At first Yulee was determined to hate life in New York City, and move back to Russia as soon as she was legal. That was over six years ago. Yulee quickly learned she loved the city and everything it has to offer. The best part, Sergei Pirvonov. They’re the young mafia power couple of the moment, dating for almost five years now. A deadly duo, Yulee and Sergei are known for their tag teaming drug deals and conniving ways. Yulee has been waiting for the engagement ring for years now, ready to do anything to settle down with her Russian prince charming. 
involution in the mafia: a partner with Sergei, at first Yulee was scared to do deals without him or anything else. In the past years or so, she has built up her confidence, enough to make any father proud of her. 

@nifty-nikki & @withlove-kirsten, I know the rules and everything aren't posted but I wanted to get this posted anyway. I've talked to both of you girls, and honestly, I'm really confused on the whole switching models thing. One of you will tell me it's fine to use those models, and even give me popular suggestions, and then the other will tell me that they're too overused. SO, my audition will be using Frida, but if you two talk it amongst yourself on who you want me to use [Frida, or I can pick another model if you want me to] that would be a HUGE help, as I'm a little confused on what you guys want me to do. I'm so so sorry that I'm causing so much chaos, I feel awful. :-/ Let me know, though! Thank you.
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