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Wooohoooo about to leave for my second home, also known as Abercrombie and Fitch. Shoot me. Heres some advice, if you're so lazy that you haven't done your christmas shopping by now, at least don't be a huge b.itch to the employees when we're out of gift boxes 2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Also, I can't give you cash back for a return if you paid with credit. Sorry but it's just impossible and we are not an ATM and yes I did give you 4 quarters instead of a dollar in change because we are out of change, GET OVER IT. And, I get to start wearing this exact shirt in the set to work. With skinny jeans. Yes, denim on denim is A&F's idea of fashionable haha. Sorry just my little rant haha everyone heave a good day (:
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