top fashion sets for february 18, 2k16 [funny story, the full version of tell me what is love was released today]

thank you @polyvore and @polyvore-editorial xx

GIF of the day:

i swear this will be the last time i cry over the perfection that is called 'tell me what is love'. at least for like, the next few months or so. 

btw the typography between the two photos of kyungsoo is my edit, please do not repost it on tumblr, or use it and claim it as your own please. inspiration from the edit goes to sooperboy on tumblr [she created the moonlight one i used a while ago].

tell me what is love live @mama awards 2k14;

this is for my favorite songs collection that i've failed to update in over a month. i've gone through the reasons why i love the f*ck out of this song before, and i'm not about to state them again. but just know kyungsoo probably has the most velvety, r&b voice ever and the story behind the lyrics is so emotionally charged as well. just a masterpiece. i would marry this composition <33 

and i'm actually gonna see this boy in person later tonight asdfghjkl; i'm so excited !!! might as well be one of the best days of my life. if only yixing was coming [and taorishan but you know what i can dream] ^^;

have a lovely friday to everyone as well ~ c:

#winter2016 #monochrome #bomberjacket
#3.1philliplim #monki #stylenanda #booties
#kyungsoo #exo @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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