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School lockdown. While we're pretty jazzed that learning has stopped, we don't really know why this is going on. Was some whacked out druggie wielding a butter knife again? A fight between too cocky freshmen? A wolf has been spotted in the school and if the students catch wind of this, everything will turn to hell. What does it want? Is it dangerous? And why are their eyes
Breaking news, it seems as though Beacon Hills High isn't experiencing much luck and this was only reinforced when freshman Ramona Crawley was mauled by a feral wolf who had entered the school while she was exiting the bathroom during a school lockdown. Sources say she is fine but this only leads the police force to more questions. How safe /are/ we, here in Beacon county?

 - -

"God, what the f-ck was that for?" Olivia snapped as the bell rang. The principal soon came on the loud speaker announcing the lockdown causing way too many people to loose their minds. "Can you even believe this? It's probably just another bomb threat by some stupid sophomore who wants to get out of a geometry quiz," Olivia scoffed, planting herself down to scroll through her phone.

"I'm going to go look," I said absent-mindedly taking off before Olivia could protest. 

"Miss, you can't leave, this is a lockdown," one of the librarians said worriedly and timidly. Her older, frail state and quivering frame made it evident that it wouldn't be hard to get around her.

"I just really have to go to the bathroom, you know, because I ate something really funky, and unless you want me to vomit here-" I began, forcing myself to gag.

"No, no, go. Just be back as soon as you can and don't move suddenly," the librarian said, caving in. I smiled weakly, clutching my stomach and rushing out of the room. 

- - -

Pacing around the hallway, I didn't really see anyone that I noticed. The hallways were mainly vacant, most likely because everyone was too scared to come out of hiding. Where the heck was Fox? I figured he'd probably run off somewhere with his lady-friend-to-be Jane, and that they were off galavanting on their own. "Eden?" I asked, spotting her helplessly wandering around. She was accompanied by Naomi, who was silent and obviously more worried than she cared to share on her face.

"Cathy, hi," she said nervously. I wasn't quite sure what was going on with her, but she was obviously distracted and uncomfortable about something. 

"What's going on? I figured I would ask since you always know something," I asked.

"I have no idea what's going on, but I'm pretty sure your suspicions are right, whatever they may be," Eden responded hurriedly. With that, I spotted Fox and a couple of his friends who signaled me over. I figured that Eden would just follow, but she never did and ending up disappearing. Maybe she'd just gone off with Naomi, who had also vanished without a word.

"Fox trot," I greeted him, "what's popping?"

He, accompanied by Jane, was mildly out of breath, probably because the nonathletic can't do much exercise at all without lighting their lungs on fire. I should know from experience. "Wolf," he huffed out.

"Wolf?" I asked, trying to comprehend what he had told me. 

Fox nodded and grabbed Jane's hand, running down the hall again. "Save room for Jesus!" I called after them, watching as they got smaller and smaller until they were out of sight.

- - -

I kept wandering down the hallway aimlessly, not quite sure what I was looking for. A wolf, I thought. My suspicions were right, there was a wolf, I wasn't loosing it. God, I was so angry that anyone had previously doubted me because the supernatural was real. How could Beacon Hills not see it? It was evident when Melony died, and it sure as heck was evident now. While I continued to rage power walk down the hallway, I saw a large creature in front of me, maybe thirty feet down the corridor. Holy moly, it was the wolf. What did I know about wolves? Most of them were highly dangerous, yet the golden eyes indicated humanity. This was a person, a werewolf, per say. I inhaled sharply. I was obviously not in shape enough to outrun a wolf, but I couldn't think or remember if I had carried any weapons on my person. 

"Cathy, watch out," a voice called behind me. I turned around to face Wes.

"Gosh darn it, Wes," I murmured to myself. Using loud voices would only bother the wolf more. Was he trying to get us mauled?

Think, Cathy. Wolf, erm, werewolf. There's humanity present, maybe in the smallest dose, but it's there somewhere. 

"Albo," I said calmly, keeping my voice and tone even. Why it made sense to speak to the wolf in Latin beat me, but it seemed far less threatening. The wolf stared back at me, perplexed. "Albo," I repeated, trying to keep the tone I had had the first time. The wolf stared me in the eyes for a few minutes, trying to get what I had meant. I held my ground because the first rule was obviously not to provoke. After a short eternity, the wolf retreated, not looking back.

"What the f-ck was that?" Wes asked, fumbling with something in his pocket. "I had this knife ready to go," he added, obviously pissed with my pacifist approach.

"Latin," I stated matter-of-factly. "I spoke to the wolf in Latin to state my intentions of a non-violent resolution," I added with a shrug.

"Yeah, I got what you said wasn't English," Wes said, grumpily putting the knife back in his pocket. "Can you at least tell me what it meant?"

"White flag."

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