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August 19, 2012

1) HEY GUYS! I missed you all! "Where have I been these past few days???" you ask? Well... I've been busy cleaning my room and doing THIS: (sorry for the crappy picture--I just quickly instagrammed it on my sister's phone). Yeah, remember how I said I wanted to decorate my wall last time? Well I went for it! I spent two days working on it, but I really like how it came out. It's very... me. And it was so much fun to do! 
2) And then hmm what else have I been up to...? Well, I watched "The Art of Getting By" starring Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore yesterday. It was pretty cute! I think Freddie's a little cutie and still remember him as the adorable boy in "August Rush" ;) hehe
3) What else? I had a lot on my mind earlier today, but I can't seem to remember anything right now... Hmm. This is so boring. Sorry, guys. I'll try to make the next bloggie more interesting ;P
4) Oh. Who else saw all the pictures of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy??? How adorable. I think it's cute that she's found like a normal, non-celebrity guy. I mean, he's a Kennedy, but he's still a normal guy, you know? And he's cousins with Patrick Schwarzenegger who she was rumored to be going out with a little while ago. I find that funny. Lol. Now Patrick--he's a cute one. And I think it's cool that he's taking the college route even though he's like a budding actor and all that.
5) Guys, Jane by Design is not returning for a second season. Le cries. I'm seriously so annoyed. I feel like all of the shows I watch always get cancelled. But seriously now. We didn't even get to see Jane and Billy live happily ever after!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo.
6) Oh and speaking of cancelled shows... The premiere of "Married to Jonas" is on tonight. I already watched it on demand lol and let me tell you... When I first heard that they were making a show, (while I found that to be hilarious) I must say I was quite excited. And so I was rather disappointed when I watched the first episode. I really don't mean to be rude because I don't know anything about her and I'm sure it's tough to have your life broadcasted on TV, but Danielle seems to have no personality on the show. Like the episode was rather lame. Now because Nick (my fave) and Joe will be making frequent appearances, I'll continue to watch a few more episodes and give Danielle another chance, but let's be real. The rest of the episodes need to be a lot better than that first episode if they wanna keep this up. And let's hope that it does because America needs to see more behind-the-scenes Nick action.
7) Ugh I totally wish I could see their concert at Radio City Music Hall though! I've never been to a JoBro concert before!!!
8) Oh and changing topics... I got my friend addicted to "Awkward." #missionaccomplished #nowihavesomeonetofangirlwith And I'm gonna take this time to promote "Awkward." again because it's just hilarious. And this week's episode was so good. Just saying. 
9) Ah and another thing I'm obsessed with... The Cimorelli girls singing Megan and Liz songs! Love this video: I was so happy they covered this too. I mean, if we're being honest, I think they could've done a slightly better job, but I still love it. 
10) Okay. I need to go take a shower now since I just came home from tennis before making this set. And I promise I will get back on Poly soon to catch up with everyone! Bye now! Hope you're all having a good weekend! xx
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