Hi my dear friends! (grins sheepishly) Sorry for not being on in forever! It's been crazy!!! Let me catch y'all up in what has been goning on in my life:

1. School is super hard! History is friggin killing me! I hate math! And don't get me started on Spanish!!! I'm in Spanish 3 people and I don't know how to speak or write the language!!!!!

2. I've been sick. :( It has been because of school's law of sickness (One person gets sick and then gets two more sick. Then those two get more people sick.) Plus I have been getting about five to six hours of sleep each night because of my load of homework.

3. I have been very emotional. A boy at my school who I knew and was friends with my brother died over two weeks ago. He OD'd (overdosed) on heroine which sent shockwaves through my family, school and city. He was a good kid, an excellent athlete, very smart, and genuinely nice. Let's just say everyone was heartbroken.

So... yeah that's what has been going on in my life. How many people actually read this whole thing?
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