~One Direction, Tell Me A Lie {they really need to release some new songs because like I need more 1D stat. Even though Up All Night is perfection.}


As you may have noticed, I'm a bit obsessed with maxi skirts. And Valentino. So much fabulosity. 

I love the Styles twins. Gah if only they were real. Actually then I might have a heart attack.

ONE DIRECTION QUIZ! I was tagged by @frenchkitty @diegolohve @istylista :)

Which 1D member do you have most in common with?
Harry Styles:
[x] you have curly/wavy hair 
[]you’re cheeky and flirty
[] you have dimples 
[] you have a British accent (OH HOW I WISH, THAT I DID)
[] you talk slowly
[]I’m the youngest of my friends 
[x] I love white converse (they are my favorite Converse color, even though I don’t own any at the moment, I do have some white Jack Purcell Converse though)
[] My favorite food is tacos (not my favorite but I do love them)
[] I have green eyes
[] I love wearing blazers (if only I owned some but I do love them!)
[x] I have a great voice (conceited much hehe)
-3- (AW HARRY :/ Well I guess it’s better that we don’t have everything in common because then when we get married we won’t be bored with each other hahaha OPPOSITES ATTRACT)
Louis Tomlinson:
[] I have straight hair 
[x] I love to wear stripes(LOVE)
[x] I love pants that are above the ankle (definitely I love cropped pants or rolled cuffs)
[x] I own at least 1 pair of Toms (I have 2 but I never wear them…)
[] I have blue eyes
[] I have a British accent
[] I’m the oldest of my friends 
[]I’m sassy, outgoing and crazy
[x] I love to sing 
[] I love girls/boys who eat carrots 
-4- (well okay I have more in common with Lou than Harold, interesting)
Zayn Malik:
[x] I have amazing eyelashes (I don’t even have to wear mascara! #wootwoot)
[] I have black/dark brown hair 
[x] I’m quiet
[] I’m mysterious and the “badboy/badgirl” of the group
[x] I have piercings (ears pierced)
[] I’m the “devil” of my friends
[] I love varsity jackets (not on me!!)
[x] I have great fashion senses (I believe I do people)
[] I have a funny catch phrase
[x] I hate dancing (I dance in the privacy of my home… haha)
[] I’m vain
[x] I use hair products (um who doesn’t?)
[] I like to rap 
[x] I love to sing solos (I guess?)

-7- (WAIT WHAT so far I’m the most like Zayn?? Okay…)

Liam Payne:
[] I change my hairstyle constantly
[x] I’ve had my hair straight and curly before (I have straightened it very occasionally) 
[x] I’m as sweet as can be (people always say I am haha)
[x] I work hard to make people happy
[] I love to be on Twitter 
[] I love wearing plaid
[] I can pull off a closed or open-mouthed smile
[] I have a signature dance move
[x] I love Disney films
[x] I love singing
[] I have a British accent
[x] I’m like the father/mother of my friends
[x] I take care of the people I love

Niall Horan:
[x] I have amazing hair (I always get compliments! Haha I like it when it’s not super crazy)
[] I have an Irish accent
[] I bleach/dye my hair
[] I’m a hat person
[x] I have rosy, red cheeks (natural and when I blush which is all the time, even redder)
[] I love sneakers
[x] I LOVE to eat food (food>people)
[x] I like guitars (mmmm I wish I could play but I’m so envious of people who do and it’s hard to learn so you have to be talented!)
[x] I’m funny/like funny people (apparently I’m always funny when I don’t mean to be)
[] I have blue eyes
[] I had/have braces 
[] I like to eat sweets for breakfast
[] I hate Disney films
[] I can do an Irish jig
[x] I love Liam (who honestly doesn’t like Liam?!)
[x] I love to sing
-7- (tied with Liam! NIAMMMMM <3 and Zayn! Ziamll? Haha) 

So I have the most in common with Liam (pretty obvious), Niall, and Zayn! So basically I should just become the 6th member of 1D already I mean come on.

ANYWAY that was fun <3 I tag anyone who wants to do it because it seems like everyone I would tag has already done it so yeah x]]

ALSO this set is dedicated to @emmylou. I would write a whole long thing about Emily, but I just can't it will make me happy then sad and Emily you know how much I love you <3
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