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so malibu's style is kind of 1950's southern california meets miami drag queen boxed up in barbie doll packaging.
☼ Barbara "MALIBU"
age; 16
god/goddess parent; Aphrodite
likes; sunbathing naked, silky head-wraps/turbans, hot pink nail polish
bio; That's Malibu like the Barbie. Bratty Malibu doesn't fight. Ever. For one thing, it goes totally against everything her dear mother stands for. For another, it's too much work. All that training and sweating, for what? Bulging masculine-looking muscles, cuts, and bruises? No, thanks. Malibu was born with a neat little gift: the power of persuasion. She can make anyone do anything she wants just by speaking. It's a dangerous ability for someone vicious like her to have. She could make you do something harmless like paint her toenails, or she could make you regret crossing her by having you divulge your most humiliating secret in front of the entire camp. That's why, at the end of the day, Malibu's one and only friend at camp is Maui, and that's really only because they're half-sisters. Everyone else does their best to avoid her.
model; Lindsey Wixson
taken by; @jolieenrose
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Wrote 11 months ago
@fleetingfanfan; by all means, go right ahead! :D

Wrote 11 months ago
So, I'm adding that pool to the locations collection. Hope that's all right.

Wrote 11 months ago
@ducktape; bahahaha i know, right. she's a diva. what can i say? ;]
but that pool. seriously. when i'm a trillionaire, i'm totally building a replica of that pool.
or maybe i'll just buy the whole damn castle.
@unicorn-whispers; ahah thanks! that's exactly what i was going for.
@fleetingfanfan; thank you! like, a lot! :D

Wrote 11 months ago
I love this. Like a lot.

Wrote 11 months ago
HEARST CASTLE NEPTUNE POOL. Oh god. I get excited whenever I see hearst castle pictures it's ridiculous.
I love her wardrobe. It's so inappropriate for camping.


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