It was Christmas Eve and Niall and i were witting on our couch watching Christmas specials. The baby was super kicky today and every so often the were fairly forceful. A bowl of popcorn was resting on my bump when i felt a hard kick. I jolted a bit then felt something wet..down under. I froze. 
"Niall....." I wispered.
"I'm babe i think we should go now it's time...." 
"No babe lets just finish this movie! Then we can go to bed!" he wined.
"No." I said firmly. "We need to go. To the hospital."
"Why would we need to go to the...." Niall turned to me. He saw the puddle on the couch and for a second he was puzzled. Then it dawned on him.
"OH MY GOSH WHAT R WE GONNA DO WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!!!!! WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME!!!!!!" I rolled my eyes while he grabbed our stuff and we headed out the door

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