Ten Days Of Hair.

Here's the hair. (:
  • Tumblr
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    "Big curls; use a straightener to curl them. // W A N D." — @raininglove
  • Prima Ivy
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    "Fishtail braid. (:" — @raininglove
  • redhead
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    "Curled, bangs down, and a braided headband. LOVE." — @raininglove
  • HAIR
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    "Use curler, make tight curls (ringlets) and then seperate. Use hairspray." — @raininglove
  • Tumblr Girls fashionplaceface.com
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    "Bascially the only picture of what my natural hair looks like. Still deciding wether or not to go to school like this.." — @raininglove
  • ♂ ♥ ♫ â–² $
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    "Heart shaped braid. Braid really tight and then pull out." — @raininglove
  • DIY Sock Bun
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    "Sock bun curls I thinnk.." — @raininglove
    Sock buns are my new obsession! Ever wonder how people get those meaty, chubby buns (in their hair, people!)? I suspect they put a sock in it! I am fully aware that I did not invent this age-old trick to give yourself an easy and fatty bun, but I decided to do a DIY video for one anyways because I think it's such a fun trick! It also gives you amazing waves in your hair if you put a sock in it while damp and go to sleep. You will awake to rolling waves...in your hair. Watch the video above for visual instructions. What You Need: A sock A hair elastic Scissors DO IT!: Cut the toe off of the sock to create a tube. Roll your tube into a 'bagel' shape. Make a ponytail in your hair where you want the bun. Pull your ponytail through the center of the sock bagel and spread your hair around the sock. Roll the sock down the length of your ponytail (towards your head) and wrap your hair around it as you go. Make your you're covering the sock as you go. When you've...
  • blonde girl | Tumblr
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    "Straight hair with a little tease and some hairspray. c:" — @raininglove
  • messy bun | Tumblr
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    "BRAID INTO A BUN OMG #camp." — @raininglove
  • bun
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    "Bun spread out and hairband. :D" — @raininglove
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