Chapter 6: In Bellevue Hospital
Nellie is taken to Bellevue hospital, where she is treated with kindness by some and unkindness  by most. 
She is examined by two more doctors, neither of whom question at any point her first diagnosis of insanity, even when she just answers plainly to their questions. The nursing personnel are free to be as mean as their own natures tell them to...
Nellie is hungry and very tired from lack of sleep (the nurses keep waking up the patients by walking up and down the corridors noisily, reading to each other aloud...). She is also extremely cold because there is no heating and she has insufficient clothes on. 
She strikes up conversation with a couple of patients, who are probably from depression and mental exhaustion, respectively, but whose relatives cannot take care of them. Both have also been easily declared incurably insane by the medical establishment.
All of these only on her first day at the hospital, one can well imagine how physical illness and eventually real mental ones cannot be far in the horizon for these women, who have been unfortunate enough to end up in one of the mental institutions.


Here is the first installment of the series:

Her story can be read here:
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