Tomorrow will be the 10th anniverisy of 9/11..

A beautiful poem called "Lady Liberty Cried"
Another bright September day 
Another sun-filled sky 
She stands her ground with endless pride 
As planes above her fly 
She looks upon her children 
Her loved ones dear to heart 
As they go through their normal chores 
Some only just to start 

But soon the peace was shattered 
As men so filled with hate 
Soon turned their rage to senseless acts 
To meet their horrid fate 

First one and then another hit 
Impossible to seem 
Two other impacts hit elsewhere 
As in a horrid dream 

Tho some did fight the evil 
As heroes they had died 
And as the proud twins met their fall 
The Lady Liberty cried

**by: K.C. Fahel [I think]

Remember 9/11

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