:::Monday, August 16::: Welcome to the house, ladies! We’re having a party tonight, so enjoy the open bar while getting to know your housemates.
Wear: Party dresses.

Brielle and I were in the room, since i got the sickest roomate anyone can ask for, i was having a blast getting ready, we were laughing on stupi stuff, but we hat to really get ready so i speed up the pace.

i was in a skimpy light gray dress with blue top part and fuscia Yves Saint Laurent pumps, and the perfect bag i borrowed from Bri

"Bitc.h can you come with me to the store?, i need some ciggs before the party is in full swing..." i said.

"Sure!" she said and smiled.

we walked into my car and she was stunned.

"Only you would drive a pick up Drina." she said and laughed.

"Yeah this is Jas! he's my baby!" i said when we got to the store strees there was homeless dude.

"Homeless my ass, i just wanna get high" was the sign he was holding, i looked at Bri and we just cracked up laughing! it was soo funny to see that dude standing there holding that!
so i got out of thr car and handed him a $100

"Keep it off the streets dude" i told him and he smiled a toothless smile.

"Thanks doll" he said 

i smiled and walked away. it was a very fun trip to the store when we got back to the house i thanked Bri for comming with me and she dissapeared. and that was my cue to start drinking.

"Patron, 2 shots, martini, spinned not shaken and with Gin! dont you dare use vodka, and a vodka shot too!" i told the bartender and he surprissed nodded.

"what are you going to get the entire population of africa drunk?" a manly voice said behing me.

"i'll have the same" he said now next to me.

he was gorgeous. not pretty, he was a man! dam.n it! he was not very tall, but taller than me and he had this crooked grin that just made me want to jump into him. 

"Drina right?" he asked. but i cant get involved. one nigh and that's it.

"Yupp!" i said and smiled.

"now drink up dude, we have a long night ahead of us!" i said and winked and he almost choked on his tequila. oh yeah fun times
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