You were at your parents fiftieth wedding anniversary with your husband, Louis Tomlinson and three kids; Tom, drew and Claire and you were very bored. "Can we leave now mum?" Your 15 year old son drew asked. "Honey as much as I'd love to we can't." You say as you watch your parents waltz on the dance floor. "As much as I love nana and pop I am so bored!" Your 20 year old son Tom complained. "Boys you know if I had a choice we wouldn't be here!" You say as the boys groaned in unison. You loved your parents but as they were extremely wealthy they had a terrible habit of boasting. "The upside to all this is the food." Louis said as he appeared at your side munching on a pastry. You turned to see your parents walking towards you. "Louis hurry up and finish eating my parents are coming over." You mutter to him. "Maddie sweetheart you look lovely and so does your family." Your mother said smiling. "Thanks mum. " you reply. "And the kids! Goodness they've grown!" Your dad said. "Thanks daddy. Oh you like the dress? You bought it for me remember?" You say. "Oh yes I remember that but doesn't your mother look ravishing." Your dad said smiling at your mother. "Hmm" you said smiling at your parents as they moved on to greet and win of yours. Suddenly your 16 year old daughter arrives by your side. "I don't mean to be rude yeah but some guy was being an absolute idiot! Daddy he was 22 years old an he asked for my number!" Claire was clearly enraged. You were just about to walk over to that boy and give him a piece of your mind when Louis phone began to ring. "Hello? Oh hi. Now? Brilliant. Cheers see you then." Louis slipped his phone back into his pocket and gave you and the kids a smile. "Who was it?" Tom asked. "That was uncle Harry and he has invited us to his place." 
"Then what are we waiting for let's go!" You say quickly beginning to usher the kids out of the house towards the car. You had just walked out the front door behind Claire when Louis grabbed your waist. "When you're dressed up and when you're angry you really are very very sexy." He said with a smirk before giving you a kiss on the lips. "If you behave yourself for the rest of the night then there might be a treat back home." You say with a wink before sauntering off to the car leaving your husband drooling behind you. 

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