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so i'm testing my tags! i'm going to miss my old taglist, and leaving my snow patrol lyrics behind after just getting back to them again is quite upsetting in itself haha.  the lyrics are now from lisztomania by phoenix aka my actual jam. my taglist isn't numbered anymore so i hope i don't end up messing it up ahaha. let me know if you got tagged so i know it's all good :)

broods' new album, conscious, came out yesterday and it's wonderful. i think i'm still more into evergreen though. like with the 1975, i'm a lot more into the singles on this album, but there are a few others i really like! i think i've just got to give it a few more listens. it feels like evergreen is so old but it only came out in 2014. and tdcc are back after two and a half years so i'm happy my faves are coming back! yey =)

remember at the horan & rose event (last month?) niall said he was still writing bits and pieces for songs aw hehe. not particularly for one direction but to keep the music thing going in his head while they're still on break. that made me miss one direction so much. some days it doesn't feel that bad and it's not a huge deal, yeah, they're just not one direction-ing atm but other days it hits you hard and you miss them a lot. i'm so sad hahaha

it's nice that they haven't gone awol though. they can't exactly get out of the spotlight but at least they get to do other things for a while! it's nice to see them pursuing other interests they have instead of focusing on music every day of the year. last night it hit me that they're so much older now. different, but still the same. everything is so weird right now. even harry; apparently he's a really good actor. apparently he's signed a solo recording contract though

my favourite thing tho ever is niall wearing plain white tees lol and plain black tees!!!!! and glasses. i feel like such a traitor i'm sorry louis wait who's louis i don't know ????! and i'm such a bitter zayn fan lol. anyways did you know that i love olly murs because i do

my last three posts for june are going to be kind of special! they aren't regular kinds of sets hehe

tomorrow i'm posting something starting with a "t"
the day after, something starting with "c"
and the day after that, another "c" thing too!!

that only makes sense to me at the moment but i'm so excited for those three posts, woo. the two c's are different things btw! actually, they might not be posted day by day, but they'll all be up before the end of the month. when june is over, i'll go back to normal posting and do battle group sets within my shein sets so i don't have to post a bunch of things

my contests have one hour left as of now!

okay i don't have anything else to say so hopefully my taglist works. have a nice day/night! xxx

(◕‿◕✿) byee

comment "new taglist!" if you read all of this

- jemma

25.6.16 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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Congrats! !

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i looove this set so so much. #inspirationkamakira am in this taglist? If not could you add me? Im so sorry if i missed wherever you put the tag list thing. Ive been very distant and havent been in polyvore in a while! if it isnt such a pain could you add me? if not its fine <3

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Congratulations ! ! ! ! !





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