hey guys,

i finally finished my taglist! it literally took me a week to do wow, but i made a lot of bomb drafts and i'm so excited to post them!! ahh i'm kinda happy my taglist is only six parts this time because i hated having to use multiple accounts to tag my taglist. i only had to use one other account to post it but still i hated having to do it lol. 

btw the titles of the parts of my taglist are van gogh paintings if you couldn't tell hehe

anyways this set is for tesla's summer bash contest! 

@thundxrstorms // #tessummerbashset

♡ the set contest requirements
- tag me [X] 
- use the correct hashtag [X]
- create a summer outfit you'd wear [X]
- add flowers (a picture or filler) [X]
- some sort of headwear (headband, hat) [X]
- include jewelry [X]
- include fruit [X]
- include a plant [X]
- add a summer activity (filler or picture) and explain it [X] (the concert ticket because people go to concerts during the summer?? i hope that works lol)
- in the description, add some songs that remind you of summer [X] below
- in the description, talk about a summer memory [X] below
- fill out the form

summer playlist:
- high by the beach by lana del rey
- cake by the ocean by dnce
- lush life by zara larsson
- adventure of a lifetime by coldplay
- the beach by the neighbourhood
- new americana by halsey
- cool for the summer by demi lovato
- take a walk by passion pit
- one dance by drake
- ride by twenty one pilots

summer memory: ok this is a horrible summer memory to tell but i remember one summer a looong time ago me and my fam went to an island for a vacation, and i almost drowned in the ocean because i was very smol lol but my uncle saved me so s/o to him for being the real mvp bahaha wow that was such a horrible story to tell but it's the first thing that came to my mind lol everybody else probably had cute happy memories

i'll talk more in my next set byee

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