{tfn} Mohana Sri

Mohana Sri
Birthplace: Ember Island
Biography: Mohana's beauty, seduction, and wit are her most dangerous weapons but do not be fooled she is a skilled bender as well. Mohana lives comes from a noble family and her father is close council to the Fire Lord. Mohana is fiercely loyal to her nation, but other than that only to her-self. She is arrogant, selfish, and power-hungry and she believes that her nation should rule all others, and that her family should move up in the ranks. What makes Mohana threatening is ability to play two sides, one minute she is making you believe she loves and the next she is stabbing you in the back. Unknown to the other resistance members Mohana has a secret agenda. Her eyes are set on the Fire Nation throne and she believes the resistance has a good chance of overthrowing the Fire Lord, because once he is out her family can move in.
Collection: -please make one-
Fighting style: Mohana is very intelligent and a strong strategist, she takes her time planning out moves and possible outcomes. Very talented in fire bending and martial arts but many do not know she is formally trained.
Model: Ksenia Kahnovich

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