- Marika Lauren Ottoman, 19
• birthday: janurary 3rd
• from: berlin, germany
• marika, marika, marika. what can we say about this german beauty? this girl has enough pent up energy to power a small, midwestern town. she’s the life of the party and the go getter. marika’s determined to get what she wants when she wants it but isn’t catty at all. she believes in taking a peaceful approach to doing things. yes, she’s one of those earthy, hippie like people but don’t think you’ll see her in a park dancing around a tree. no instead you’ll see her with her guitar at starbucks playing songs she’s written or walking along the edge of water. the only way to get on this sweetheart’s bad side? try to convince her to eat meat. despite her parent's protests she's taking a year off to find herself before she goes to college. for the most part though she's pretty independent for a nineteen year old.
• model: Siri Tollerod (is it okay that I changed it?) 
taken by: me (hopefully)

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"Are you going to fill out those college applications, Marika?" My mother called from the dining room. 
"What applications--oh, those. Mom! We went over this. I'm taking a break for a year. It's all I asked for. Is it really too much?" I replied to my mother from my room.
"In Ordnung. Ich verstehe." My mother said back to me in German. She was always one to use German when she couldn't express herself correctly in English. 
We have been living in Germany for the most part of our lives. I recently moved to San Fransisco. Yes, Father and Mother were both born in Germany (and so was I) but they seemed to be still barely getting acquainted with California life. That is US life in general. They were visiting for a few days and leaving tomorrow. They came by to see how I was faring in my new town. The busy streets and Muni really gave them a scare. 
"Thank you, Mom." I sighed and went back to work. I was working on a life collage. You see /collage/ not /college/. In fact, I do not even want to attend college. I don't think I need to go to a school for 4+ years and work my butt off and become broke only to be sitting in a boring office my whole life, paying off for my college. Daddy said he would pay but even the economy in Germany isn't perfect. He already got my apartment. There's just no point to it for me. Especially here in California, where so many career opportunities are at my fingertips. I've come here to escape, for a year, as I told my mother. But I wish to live here and begin my life anew here. I don't want to go to Germany where there only two choices of living: College and college. Which aren't many to choose from, if you ask me.
I brushed my hair out of my face and sprawled on the floor staring at my blank canvas.
It really was only blank and to think I've been sitting like this for days staring at a blank canvas.
But the thing is, I'm not making a life collage. I'm making my /life/ as I go with it. I've made no friends here in SF yet, and that is my first goal. 
I quickly took my paintbrush and splattered the word, "Friends" onto the board.
I sat back and sighed. The once blank board was at least full of something.
Friends. A sad thing to wish for when you had many of them in Germany. But the German girls just don't understand what it's like to be living in SF. They all chase after boys like boys are the things that are going to get them somewhere in life. Yeah right. They all chase after studies too, which to a degree are can I have a profession? A career? A job? A life? How can if I first don't figure just what that life of mine is?
I became so engrossed in thought that I fell asleep, but I woke up to my mother calling me for dinner. How nice of a mother. Making dinner for me in my tiny apartment. It would be my last night with her. After a quite dinner, I sat in my room, gloomy and depressed. 
It just wasn't me. Did I want to go back to Germany? No. This was my escape, my break. I needed this.
I sad in a frazzled state as I stared at my white collage. Friends.
"Well, that will take a while," I told my self, reaching for my cobalt blue guitar, "But for now, I've got you." I finished, staring at my prized possession. Music.
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