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I want to say thank you to someone.....I really do owe you an apology. If it hadnt been for you so many great things would not of happened to me....Withyout your tearing my world upside down..without your cutting me till what little will i had to go on was not even enough...thank you for showing me its not safe to be niave....Thank you for showing me that there are not many people out there you can trust but you taught me when you find one you hold on... you taught me s(he) Be(li)v(ed).... But because of you i have met someone who taught me that it's ok to let others in because some people actualy care and when i marry that person on july 16 i will get what i deserve a man not a little boy with a child wife..and a pedifile record. Thank you for not staying faithful and for showing you true colors i hope one day you find happiness and when you do i hope you find contintment because you will then have more happiness then you EVER deserve and if you never find it well they say what goes around comes......Around. So thank you.
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