This set is my first Christmas set..
Specially for K-pop fans who've support me.
@chomiczynka ,@nyamnyam,@ilovekyuhyun 
@dragongirl142,@hellounicorn,@chocolateobbsessed,@eridaniaa141 ,@kittykathearts ,@checkmybrain 

All of you are my following ,Thanks for support,faves,leaving some comments.
also i want to tell something from so close 2 years here.
From me to all of you that i've tagging there in this set.
Part 1:

I was curious long time ago ,do you have add me as your following,or you really ever see me faves your sets even i decide to comments for someone from list that i'm always..."Comments" ex,ilovekyuhyun,nyamnyam,whitecollarbunny,kittykatheheart and more.
but why I'm so hard to received it from you "just faves!"

Dont understand me wrong i'm not pay attention to see my sets overload likes,or made my self crazy to talks about this.

I'm always though that "we're Korean fans community on polyvore like family" or this feeling just me who feels it a lone.of course I'm not made only Korean things but for Asian things specially Japanese.

I though that you not faves mine coz you see my sets already get more likes right?.

So sad that "likes" not come from Asian fans community ,I knew !!majority fans here are K-pop bias... i dont mind i knew that my Japanese/Chinese/General fashion sets will be ignore[i see it].

I talks about this coz i'm so tired,sad so long time ago why i'm a lone,likes talking a lone, i try hard to be your friends,support etc.even we published same time but never see you in me that why i'm curious you not add me as following.

Or you see i'm come from South Korea/who is Asian/not made paper doll/not run into fan fic i cant write it no participate more group&new collection of someone , different gap of time -never ever i see you here,as I'm an outsider for this community?
so why ? -"-

But it okay for now i understand you've own personal reasons to support someone as special or ignore. and some ppl busy with study. and i'm accepted that i stop to see someone sets since 5-6 months ago too.since i feels weird do for comments and likes!

I'm not good at all just i love Korean community.
I dont know why i though "YOU DISLIKE ME "?or i'm ever made sth bad to you by leaving comments/talks negative opinion ? before new year coming i really want to know I do sth bad?,of course i'll apologize !

P.S I know someone always be nice with me dont be sad by my msg here just want you to know of course i'm still support you likes I Am.

after this you'll hate me,remove me as your following, i dont mind, i accepted it and i planing to change on next year coz i really not happy,feels like an outsider,if you not see me to you again ,already enough for this community,but i never change my mind to be Korean/Asian fans still keep going on a lone.

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