I made this account over a year ago with the intention of making simple sets for my characters that I created to rp with. I didn't have any likes or additions to other people's collections. I wasn't intending for any of that and yet, here I am with 90+ followers and 1,000+ likes! So, I just want to say thank you very much! I'm glad you all like my sets! You have no idea how it makes me smile to see something I've made for a character to have been liked! 

And I was messaged a couple days ago (off site but from someone who looks at my sets a lot) who wanted to know about '---- closet' and exactly who she was. So! I thought I would include this here in case anyone else was curious! ^^ Her sets seem to be the most liked (that might have something to do with the fact that I make so many for her in specific but whatevs XD) 

Her name and age changes around a bit (I've only used her on two different sites so far) but as of right now she's Malina Wilde ( 21 years old) and Karma Kingston (18 years old) and she's a famous singer by day and a crime fighter by night~ or really whenever the world needs saving. But! She's not just any superhero, she's Sailor Venus! Pretty guardian of love and leader to the senshi and protector of the moon princess/queen, Serenity.
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