ahh bianca is my babe ~ so excited to write for her.
the title is true
let's not talk 'bout it.


name; bianca dorrance
age; 24
likes; her addictions, the fine art of seduction, flirting, mind games, winking, being the best, being underestimated, her reputation, being feared, rainy days, simon & garfunkel, popcorn, dumb tv shows, working out, blue, yellow, learning to play new instruments, math, early-morning coffee, newspapers, lacy bras, vintage, money, shopping
dislikes; losing, pets, poor people, pathetic people, being played, bait & switch, d-bags, her dysfunctional family, that stupid toaster in her apartment, her actual apartment, law enforcement, washing dishes, feminine stereotypes, carrying a purse, her glasses, waiting for videos on youtube to load, ice cream, scars, her exes, sleep (and her dreams)
bio; bianca is a s-x kitten and drug addict with a genius iq. she may look like your typical girl, but once you know more about her, you’ll find out that everything you assumed is wrong. fresh out of county jail for drug possession, she’s quite a charmer. she got out on parole for ‘good behavior,’ but with bianca, that could mean anything. and it probably does.
as a child, bianca spent most of her time reading. she devoured books on every topic, and when she was done, she’d ask for more. she had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. but her home life was miserable, and soon, she found herself in an orphanage that was almost as bad as her old home had been. beaten up because she was little, she found a solution, and made her body as strong as her mind. 
now, bianca is not only a genius, but also a black belt. her greatest weakness, though, is her addiction. no one’s sure where it came from, but it’s been a long time since bianca started her0in, and she’s never turning back. she may say she’s recovering, but everyone except her parole officer seems to know that’s total bull.
model; minka kelly
based on; bane
taken by; moi


hey there. it's bianca ;)

xo, bianca


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