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I'd just like to point out that, after several attempts to salvage both the set and the bio, I am incapable of fixing things I have done whilst under the influence of several cans of Sir Perry's cider. 

Name: Holly Jackson
From: Ich bin Berliner, baby
Grade: junior
Bio: {Personality: loud, over emotional, caring, obnoxious, violinist, witty}
Holly Jackson is a crazy B. Literally. The girl swings from one emotion faster than Tarzan can move through the jungle. That doesn’t stop her from doing what she likes though. Generally the one to make loud, obnoxious comments in the middle of class, you’ll typically find Holly teetering on the brink of detention and expulsion, which she would have gotten by now if her parents weren’t the largest patrons of Thorton Academy. Thing is, Holly never used to be such a spaz, it just kind of… happened. She’s been hunting demons (seriously) for the past three years now, and, well, it’s enough to make someone snap. She is, by no means, the greatest at what she does, but she does the job… and sometimes drags herself back to her dorm room in the middle of the night covered in demon blood. Which is harder to get out of white uniform blouses, fyi, thanks for asking. When she’s not irritating teachers, snapping her bubblegum loudly in the back of classrooms, stabbing demons, Holly can usually be found in the music room, oddly enough, practicing her violin – which she is surprisingly good at.
Model: Nastya Kusakina

----> Why did you come to Thorton Academy?

There may have been an incident at my last school that involved me, a bad luck demon, a can of petrol, and the west corridor of the girls’ dormitory. In other words, no other school in Germany will even look at my application. Or my moms’ bank accounts. Apparently my “criminal” record is a big turn off.

----> Do you believe in the rumors of the hauntings and such?

Obviously not. *insert sarcasm*

----> Do you miss your family? Could you tell us a bit about them?
Sure I do, who wouldn’t? Well, maybe not that suicidal freak down the hall. Anyway, I’ve got my mum, Hedwig - no, not Harry Potter’s owl – she’s a financial advisor at Landesbank Berlin Holding back home in good old Berlin. She’s a fantastic cook, fanatical about bicycling, and is occasionally more lenient and understanding when it comes to my “special circumstance.” Then there’s my other mum, who like to call Mummy 2. She’s my biological mother. She has her own little florist shop and is basically a hippie. And she's American. In comparison to mum, she can’t cook a damn thing unless it comes in a little package, which she doesn’t like because there might be evil preservatives. Regardless, neither of my mothers believe me when it comes to the demon hunting and killing. They’ve taken me to a couple therapists and I spent a year in this school that I thought was some kind of weird expressionist experimental school where you sit on little cushions and talk about your feelings and whether the demons you’re fighting are internal. I realized a little too late that it wasn’t a school at all, especially after my progress report came back drawn with a smiley face and a purple alligator on it, which I’m convinced the girl with the lazy eye from my class. I left there and went to my last school… which I accidently may have started a fire in. Wasn’t a big fire though.

----> Are you settling into Thorton?

I guess so. I keep expecting something bizarre to happen based on what I keep hearing about the place, but it’s dead awful boring around here so far.

Collection/story coming soon ish... could I just make like a cork board thing for Holly? I have a damn hard time making collections for character auditions.

Top Three choices:
1. Holly Jackson

2. Iris Kurk
Name: Iris Kurk
From: Montreal, Quebec.
Grade: senior
Bio: {Personality: tired, sucidal, most interested in the monster, bossy}
There is nothing so terrible in the world than being a teenager: Iris knows that full well. But like most teenagers, she is selfish in believing that she alone suffers a horrible existence filled to the brim with nothingness. What she wants most in the world is for it to stop: to have the stares that go right through her stop, to have the feelings of emptiness and suffocating ennui end. She just wants it gone – which is why our darling girl has, on multiple occasions, carefully considered, contemplated, and planned her own death. The funny thing is, there’s nothing wrong with Iris’ life. She’s healthy, her parents love her and support her studies (have money enough to send her to Germany for her secondary education), and she happens to be one of the brighter bulbs in the bunch. It all goes to waste though with Iris; the more she spends thinking about the supernatural and the monster of Thorton, the more obsessed she becomes with death. But do you want to know why Iris really wants to find the monster? Because she’s secretly too much of a coward to end her own self-professed pitiful existence. If something else can do it for her, she’d be much happier.
Model: Grace Hartzel

3. Nadyia Senko

Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2119940

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